Ruffles have ridges and THE RIDGE at NBA All-Star Celebrity Game


Ruffles and ridges are classic combinations like basketball and slam dunks. At this year’s NBA All Star Celebrity Game, THE RIDGE is looking to eclipse the dunk.

Some potato chips are made for dunking. Ruffles, with its iconic ridges, are a prime example. Each ridge captures the dip for a flavor explosion. For fans of those favorite ridges, the official chip of the NBA is looking beyond the dunk. Just in time for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Ruffles is introducing The RIDGE.

Ruffles & The RIDGE at NBA All-Star Celebrity game, photo provided by Frito Lay

Debuting at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, The Ridge will make a huge impact on the game. Looking like the ridges on Ruffles, The Ridge is the new 4-point line. Debuted in the NBA 2K18, The Ridge will appear in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game second half.

This special addition to the game is a fun way to highlight the Official Chip of the NBA. While Ruffles have always been a favorite snack, the interesting tie-in can bring the fun back to the chip. Hitting a 4-point shot could be a game changer and rediscovering the Ruffles’ ridges could change how you snack.

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Ruffles have expanded its flavor profiles. While the classic potato chip is always a good choice, food trends have influenced Ruffles’ flavors. Options like jalapeno ranch, flamin’ hot and All dressed pack a huge flavor punch.

While Ruffles are often associated with chips and dips, these new flavors are just as enjoyable on their own. If pairing these Ruffles’ flavors, bolder dips work well. The flavor explosion is huge, just like scoring a massive 4-point shot.

As NBA All-Star weekend begins, grab a bag of Ruffles and sit back to watch if players can make an epic 4-point shot. The Ridge might just be for the NBA All-Star Game, but it could be a basketball game changer.