5 sparkling wines that you should always have in the house


Sparkling wines make any day and every day a little more special. These five bottles of bubbles are a few options to always have in the wine fridge.

Do you have some favorite sparkling wines? The sparkling wine aisle can be a little intimidating. From French champagne to prosecco to cava, these varietals are just beginnings of the wine discussion. Add in terms like brut, sweet and even rosé , the confusion drive you straight to the beer aisle.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed, answer a few questions about flavor. Terms like dry, sweet, and even fruity can help to narrow down the vast array of sparkling wine options. Then, focus on the fun part, tasting.

Today, sparkling wines come in all different price points. While there are some bottles only the super wealthy can afford, most mid-range wines are quite delightful. In a range from $10 to $50, there is definitely at least one, more likely several, bottles of bubbles that will tempt your fancy.

Here are some of my preferred sparkling wines.

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Ruffino Prosecco

Prosecco has had a huge surge in popularity. The Italian sparkling wine is usually quite drinkable. From an aperitif to a base for a cocktail, the flavors are more citrus and apple forward. This wine pairs well with lighter dishes or even seafood. Usually priced under $15 a bottle, this sparkling wine is definitely one to have in the house.

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut

Probably one of the most recognizable true champagnes, Moët is often seen at award shows, like the Golden Globes. While this particular champagne is more expensive (around $50 a bottle), it is always specatular. As a brut, the bubbles are dry. Each sip is meant to be savored.

RUFFINO Sparkling Rosé

Of course, a little pink sparkle is always a popular choice. The RUFFINO Sparkling Rosé is more than just a pretty pink. The ever so slightest hint of rose petals makes this sparkling wine a little mystifying. Additionally, the sweetness of the strawberry makes it perfect for both before and after dinner. The RUFFINO Sparkling Rosé retails for under $15 a bottle.

Paul Cheneau’s “Lady of Spain” Cava Brut

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine. Many people are drawn to this wine for the colorful bottle. After enjoying a bottle (or two), this sparkling wine might become your new favorite. The wine has a slight creamy flavor. Still, that flavor doesn’t overpower the fresh fruit mingled with the effervescent bubbles. A bottle of this cava retails under $13.


That infamous black bottle has become the world’s favorite sparkling Spanish wine. The versatility of this wine makes it so popular. With a very crisp, fresh taste, everyone seems to enjoy a sip. Plus, with a cost around $10 a bottle, you could buy a couple extra to have in the house.

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What are your favorite sparkling wines? Do you always have a sparkling wine in the house?