Hurt by nomance, smooth it over with Creamy SNICKERS


Did Valentine’s Day not measure up? Creamy SNICKERS wants to smooth over those hurt feelings and disappointments with a special candy bouquet.

Romance turned into nomance? Everyone has experiences one of those lackluster Valentine’s Day happenings. From wilted flowers to a dinner date disaster, not every romantic event is as picture perfect as the movies. Luckily, there is sweet solution from Creamy SNICKERS.

For some lucky New York City residents, they could receive some oh-so-smooth bouquets from SNICKERS. This promotion set to raise awareness about the new Creamy SNICKERS. Available in flavors Almond Butter, Peanut Butter and Maple Almond Butter, this new flavor option shows that candy companies are always looking to expand on an iconic brand.

This SNICKERS expansion shows the increased popularity in nut butters. Long gone are the days where peanut butter was the primary option. That old fashion decision of smooth or crunchy was a big dividing line. Today, the nut butter aisle is overflowing.

The option of different nut butters is more than just flavor and texture. While nut butters are on trend, people like options. Variety keeps people from switching brands entirely.

Some days people want a crunch or texture. Other days, the smooth option is more satisfying. But filling people’s candy craving, still within the same brand, the company maintains customer loyalty.

For the SNICKERS fans, these three new options don’t alter the candy bar experience completely. The combination of caramel and chocolate it still there. Now, people don’t have to worry about a piece of nut getting stuck in their teeth.

While this special “smooth it over” promotion is fun, it does bring up a fun idea. Would you like a Valentine’s Day do over? Sure people head to the stores to buy candy at a discount post-Valentine’s Day, but is there more to this idea.

The biggest Valentine’s Day theme was reducing the intense pressure and expectations. From cooking at home to eating a Subway sandwich, the concept was to focus on the person, not the stuff. Maybe if more people took this direction, they wouldn’t be smoothing over anything today.

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Have you tried the new Creamy SNICKERS? Could one of these candy bars help to make your day a little smoother?