Subway and The Bachelor’s Sean and Catherine Lowe take the pressure off Valentine’s Day celebrations


Subway has enlisted the help of The Bachelor’s Sean and Catherine Lowe to encourage people to be a little cheesy this Valentine’s Day.

Subway knows that tasty food doesn’t have to be complicated. Sean and Catherine Lowe built their relationship from an unconventional courtship on The Bachelor. As everyone begins to plan those elaborate, over the top romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations, Subway and the Lowes are encouraging people to take an unconventional approach to the romantic occasion. Why not make the day of love a little extra cheesy?

For many people, Valentine’s Day celebrations bring a lot of stress. The extravagant gift or the overpriced dinner reservation seem to take the focus off the purpose of the celebration. Shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be about celebrating love, the couple or just having some fun? It might sound a little cheesy, but cheesy can make the Valentine’s Day a little more memorable.

What if this year you took a different approach to the whole Valentine’s Day celebration? Subway and Sean and Catherine Lowe have partnered to host the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience in Dallas. Instead of all the unneeded pressure, this Valentine’s Day event will take a non-traditional approach.

This special Subway Valentine’s Day event will feature the brand’s Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwiches. While some consider garlic an aphrodisiac, a messy, gooey sandwich might not seem like the perfect meal for a romantic date. But, that is exactly the point. Shouldn’t you be able to share this sandwich with a special someone on Valentine’s Day? True love is wiping that sauce off your chin or kissing someone who has eaten some garlic.

Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe with Subway Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwich

Ahead of this special event, I had the opportunity to chat with Sean and Catherine. While their courtship on the Bachelor was a little unconventional, one thing is very clear about their relationship. They know how to have fun with one another.

One key point that they both emphasized is that couples need to find the enjoyment of being in the moment together. As parents of young children, they can relate to couples who can be overwhelmed with daily life. Finding the time to have fun as a couple is key to keeping their relationship spark.

Sean commented that he puts his wife, Catherine, first. While many people put the kids first, he believes that his wife is the center of his world. If he can bring joy and happiness to her world, the kids, and in turn the whole family, will benefit. It might be a simple concept, but it is quite telling of their relationship.

Going into Valentine’s Day celebrations, even “the former Bachelor” can feel the stress of planning that picture perfect romantic evening. This partnership with Subway was a great fit for the couple because it puts the focus back on them, just being together. A couple falls in love because of an epic adventure together. They find a connection. More importantly, they find joy in being with each other.

Subway Valentines Day event with Sean and Catherine Lowe from The Bachelor, photo provided by Subway

This Subway event brings back the idea of food brings people together. Catherine commented that this event even takes the pressure off her, too. What woman hasn’t felt self-conscious about the right outfit or making a faux pas during a romantic dinner? This event encourages everyone to cast away the perceptions and focus on the time together and enjoying the moment. Isn’t that the most romantic part of any special event?

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Catherine feels that this special Subway event brings back the fun when people being together. No one wants to get into a rut. Sometimes the fun can be a way to build that memory together. Of course it can be a little scary to be vulnerable in front of someone else, but that experience creates a special bond. Why not be confident enough to share that over the top, cheesy garlic bread sandwich with someone special in your life?

In life, aren’t people looking to find that person, either romantic or friend, who is willing to share a cheesy garlic bread sandwich with you? Everyone needs a person who doesn’t care if your breath is a little garlicy or there is sauce spilled on your shirt. They want to spend time with you because you are important with them.

If you happen to be in Dallas, consider joining Sean and Catherine Lowe at the special Subway event. Reservations are available at

For those people not in Dallas, this idea can work anywhere. Why not skip the pressure this year and focus on the moment. Anyone can create their own cheesy garlic bread Valentine’s Day celebration. Grab a candle, put on some music and even open a bottle of wine. More importantly, take the time to talk to that person across the table and make sure that she or he feels important this Valentine’s Day.

Thank you to Subway for facilitating this interview with Sean and Catherine Lowe.

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How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? More importantly, who’s hungry for some Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwiches?