Christina Tosi says this holiday treat recipe is a modernized classic, interview

Christina Tosi Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix collaboration, photo provided by Ziploc
Christina Tosi Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix collaboration, photo provided by Ziploc /

When Christina Tosi shares some sweet words of wisdom, bakers listen. The stunning and delicious creations from Milk Bar always delight the senses, but the talented pastry chef, business woman, and mother understands that the home baker should not have a barrier to entry when it comes to creating a sweet treat. Continuing her partnership with Ziploc, Tosi modernizes a classic holiday recipe, and everyone will be snacking on it all season long.

Over the years, Christina Tosi has captivated people with her whimsical yet approachable concepts. While naked cakes and colorful cookies are a feast for the eyes, it is her approach to baking that keeps people hungry for the next creation.

While Milk Bar might feel like a slice of a fantastic world where butter, sugar, and flour hold limitless possibilities, Tosi appreciates that the home baker needs to adapt that sense of wonder into their own world. From eliminating a barrier to entry to setting the expectations before the ingredients hit the bowl, one concept is always front and center in everything she creates. Those sweet treats should produce a smile after the first bite.

As part of her Ziploc partnership, Tosi and the storage brand are sharing a new take on a classic snack mix. The Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix combines a variety of ingredients that can be found in many people’s pantries. Using the Ziploc Stay Open Design storage bag for both making and storing the treat, it is the simple, tasty idea that helps keep the holiday stress away.

Ahead of this collaboration announcement, Christina Tosi spoke to FoodSided. Anyone who has chatted with Tosi appreciates that her approach to baking makes anyone feel more confident about their time in the kitchen.

Since this Milk Bar Holiday Mix is simple, straightforward, yet has a whimsical nostalgia that people expect from her, Tosi explained “when I ask myself the question how do you modernize a classic through a new lens, I typically find that giving yourself some limitations can help do that in a really thoughtful way. One way to modernize is to not even turn on the oven. The holiday snack mix that we made in partnership with Ziploc is that. We take pantry items and think about them in a clever festive way. This year I’m making this snack mix on repeat and skipping the roll out cookie cutter land.”

Christina Tosi Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix collaboration
Christina Tosi Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix collaboration, photo provided by Ziploc /

Christina Tosi says “making delicious food should not be stressful.”

While the concept focuses on simplicity, it never loses sight of what people crave during the holiday season, flavors from their childhood and tastes that make them feel merry and bright. Complicated does not have to be part of that equation.

Since the Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix uses many items that can be found in people’s pantries, Tosi said that it is almost a guarantee that people will enjoy the flavor. She explained, “it’s almost like the way that you would edit your closet or anything else in life. If it is does not bring me joy, if I do not think that it is delicious, why is it in my pantry? You are always going to unlock something delicious when you use ingredients that you love. From there, you just look at those ingredients with a new perspective.”

Tosi went on to explain why this Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Snack mix will be the hit of any holiday celebration. “At holiday parties, people are drawn to the really simple snacky things. Even though people might labor over these little jewel box moments of desserts, people want the easy snacks.”

One of the biggest takeaways from this conversation was Tosi’s simple, yet poignant advice for home bakers. She said, “making delicious food should not be stressful.” While that phrase might not be on a tea towel, it probably should be. It does not mean that the dessert should look like a train wreck or no effort should be made at all. But, the reality is that a delicious, scrumptious bite does not require a million ingredients and days in the kitchen.

This year, take Christina Tosi’s advice, download the recipe for the Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix, and share some sweet moments with others. The less time spent in the kitchen means that there is more time to make memories for years to come.

The Ziploc x Milk Bar Holiday Mix can be purchase at the New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles Milk Bar stores. It is $7 and will be available while supplies last. The recipe is available online and Tosi will be demonstrating the recipe during an upcoming Bake Club event.

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