Übermilk is the latest protein enhanced non-dairy milk to hit store shelves


Are you ready for Übermilk? The newest protein enhanced non-dairy milk is heading to grocery stores to the delight of plant-based lifestyle enthusiasts.

Übermilk by Califia Farms is the newest protein enhanced non-dairy milk. While the non-dairy milk options have been growing recently, this version might be a big game changer. As both the plant-based lifestyle and flexitarian lifestyle followers continue to grow, these beverage options keep growing in popularity. Will this new Califia Farms beverage deliver on both nutrition and taste?

According to the brand, Übermilk is an oat milk beverage with additional enhancements. Each beverage has “eight grams of Plant-Based Protein per serving including all eight essential Amino Acids and Fatty Acids from plant oils for Omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Potassium, and Vitamin E.” Available in unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla and chocolate, this beverage could be drunk on its own, used in a latte or a liquid in a smoothie. The options are many.

The rise of plant-based foods is growing food trend. From plant-based meat alternatives to this type of milk alternative, consumers want both nutritionally dense foods but more importantly great tasting foods. From various flavors to satisfying textures, consumers are not willing to compromise.

Recently, oat milk has been a growing food trend. Although alternative milks have been around for a while, the oat milk popularity has been a recent development. Whether it is the plant based focus or a desire to find beverage alternatives, this market segment will continue to grow.

While people can debate the use of the word “milk,” these beverages do offer a strong nutritional base. In the case of this Califia Farms beverage, the beverage has macro and micro nutrients. By combining a variety of plant-proteins (peas, oats, sunflowers), the brand has found a way to create a protein packed drink. Additionally, the use of mushrooms boosts the iron and vitamin content.

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Are you ready to try some Übermilk? The latest protein enhanced non-dairy milk might change your morning latte.