Has the Cadbury bunny gone to the dogs this Easter?


Cadbury and Easter candy are a classic combination. But, has the iconic Cadbury Easter commercial gone to the dogs this year?

For many people, the must have Easter candy is a Cadbury egg. With its chocolate shell and creamy center, it is a decadent sweet treat. For some people, Easter isn’t complete without one of these iconic candies in an Easter basket.

Over the years, the start of spring brought back the infamous commercials for the Cadbury eggs. Growing up, the appearance of the cute, white Easter bunny meant that that favorite Easter candy would soon find its way to my Easter basket. Sure, bunnies don’t cluck like a chicken. Still, who didn’t smile when that commercial came on?

Over the years, the commercials evolved. More animals auditioned for the Easter roll. Still, that little white bunny, who may or may not have laid those candy eggs, has a specific connection to that candy and that food memory.

In honor of National Love Your Pet Day, Cadbury has announced nationwide “bunny tryouts.” Although some people might have a cute white bunny as a pet, any pet is welcome to get their bunny on. If the pet can wear a pair of bunny ears, pet parents can be offered the opportunity to be Cadbury’s Clucking Bunny.

To launch this campaign, Doug the Pug donned some really cute bunny ears and made his best “Clucking Bunny” appearance. He gathered several other dog influencers to see if they had what it takes to be the next “Clucking Bunny.” These photos will definitely make you smile, and maybe, make you crave this iconic Easter candy.

Sometimes certain images can instantly recall a particular food. In this case, the bunny who lays candy eggs makes people think of one candy. Similar images work with other foods as well. Sometimes the branding can be just as important to creating a food fan as the food itself.

When it comes to this particular candy, some people are fanatical about the special treat. They want that classic flavor, no changes please. While it seems strange, that chocolate egg shell cracked open to reveal a white and yellow center is the obsession. From a childhood memory to a food memory, Easter must have this particular treat.

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Who will be the next “Clucking Bunny?” Maybe it could be your pet (unless you have a fish, it might be hard to put bunny ears on a fish).

More importantly, will there be Cadbury eggs in your Easter basket?