Oscars inspired cocktails: Toast to your favorite movie

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What is your favorite movie from the past year? With these Oscars inspired cocktails, cast your vote with a toast and a sip.

Oscars inspired cocktails might be a creative way to throw your support behind a particular Best Picture Nominee. Looking through this year’s set of nominees in this Academy Award category, the diversity is extensive. From huge blockbuster hits to smaller thought provoking dramas, there seems to be a movie for every mood, person and experience.

When it comes to picking an Oscars cocktail, the options are just as diverse. For some people, they might choose a cocktail based strictly on its connection to their favorite Best Picture Nominee. Other people might cast their vote with a cocktail that has delicious flavors. Some people might want to try one of everything.

Just like movie trends, cocktails have trends, too. From trending ingredients, like activated charcoal, to particular flavors, like the increase use of bitters, cocktails change year after year. As people are willing to expand their comfort levels, these type of themed cocktails offer that opportunity.

As the countdown to Sunday’s Academy Awards show reaches its pinnacle, these Oscars inspired cocktails have topped our list of must sip libations. Which one will be your favorite?