Oscars inspired cocktails: Toast to your favorite movie

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Proper Old Fashion, Green Book inspired cocktail, photo provided by Proper No. 12

Green Book

Green Book explores the real life struggles that African Americans faced while traveling throughout the United States. Needing his protector, the accomplished musician and companion forge an unexpected appreciation for one another.

In some cases, a historic cocktail from the era could have been a logical choice for this Oscar inspired cocktail. Instead, this cocktail takes a riff on a classic cocktail, which is a nice homage to the movie.

Transforming the classic cocktail, Old Fashion, with a robust, unusual syrup shows that unlikely flavors can be combined in a refreshing way. The Guinness Demerara syrup is definitely a new flavor experience and one that might change how you think about a classic Old Fashion.

Here’s how to make Proper Old Fashion.

"Proper Old Fashion (Created by Nick Fogel, Beverage Director, The Late Late Bar & Spirit Grocer) Ingredients: • 2 oz Proper No. 12 • .25 oz Guinness Demerara syrup • .25 oz Amaro Nonino • 1 dash Walnut bitters • Garnish: Orange Twist Directions: Method: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir to chill. Strain into a rocks glass. Guiness Demerara Syrup Ingredients: • 1.5 quart Guinness • 1 quart Demerara • 2 sticks of cinnamon • 2 tablespoons of pink peppercorn Directions: • Bring the Guinness to a simmer in a saucepan and allow to reduce by approximately half. • Add cinnamon and pink peppercorn. Whisk in demerara sugar. Stir and simmer for five min allowing the mixture to thicken. Stain and cool."