Oscars inspired cocktails: Toast to your favorite movie

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Elevated Paloma, inspired by Roma, photo provided by Avion Tequila


Roma is a challenging film. Set in Mexico City in the 1970s, the story is part family drama and part political upheaval. During the 1970s, this area of Mexico City was supposed to be an upper/middle class enclave. Instead it was filled with danger and heartbreak. While resilience prevails, this drama is heart wrenching.

Today, the Roma area of Mexico City is an artistic, vibrant location. It has numerous well received restaurants and galleries. A trip to that area today does not resemble some of the despair of the movie.

For this Oscar inspired cocktail, a classic Mexican cocktail gets a slight twist. A Paloma is a classic cocktail that is bright with a hint of sweetness. It is perfect on a warm, sunny day.

Here’s how to make an Elevated Paloma.

"Elevated Paloma Recipe: • 2 parts Avion Reposado or Avion Silver Tequila • 1 part Grapefruit Juice • ½ part simple syrup • ½ part fresh lime juice • Splash club soda Method: Build ingredients over ice in a Collins glass. Stir ingredients to chill. Garnish with a lime wedge."