Oscars inspired cocktails: Toast to your favorite movie

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Inside Out, cocktail inspired by Vice, photo provided by Templeton Rye


Vice has had many people scratch their head over the United States political system. While today’s political climate might be chaotic, the power that politicians can hold is undeniable. Does power ruin the man or does the environment create a monster?

For this Oscar inspired cocktail, the flavor profile is quite challenging, similar to Chaney himself. Whether you liked him, hated him, thought him a bully or amazed at his political power, all those responses seemed to be jumbled into a single reaction.

For this cocktail, the combination of bold, in your face flavors, somehow combine together to create a very intriguing cocktail. Never would I have thought to mix multiple, strong liqueurs with rye and absinthe. But, somehow it all works.

Also, don’t worry about absinthe making your hallucinate or go crazy. That myth has long been debunked. Still, I wouldn’t drink too many of these cocktails.

Here’s how to make Inside Out.

"Inside Out (by Natasha David) Ingredients: • 2.5 oz Carpano Antica • 1 oz Templeton Rye • 1 tsp. Branca Menta • 1 dash Absinthe Method: Stir, Strain. Serve in a Cocktail Coup or V-Martini Garnish: Orange Twist"