Rise and Shine Coffee: Hardee’s looks to jumpstart your day


Rise and Shine Coffee is more than just a morning tradition. Hardee’s blends its newest brew with the brand’s breakfast tradition.

What starts your day? Hardee’s Rise and Shine Coffee is set to make mornings even better. To celebrate this new brew, Hardee’s bringing big promotions to celebrating the launch. Better get your coffee mug ready.

The newest brew coming to Hardee’s is called Rise and Shine Coffee. The flavor is described as a bold brew. In addition to traditional roast, the 100% Arabica blend comes in vanilla and mocha. Whether you enjoy your coffee black, with cream or a little sugar, this coffee should be the big boost to start the say.

To launch this coffee, Hardee’s is bringing back a little piece of nostalgia. Back in the 80s, Hardee’s offered a mug club. Today, the brand is re-launching that club with help from a popular brand.

Looking at the promotional material, Hardee’s is trying to show scenes where people are enjoying coffee together. It isn’t just that grab and go on the way to work. It is the time spent around the table or just being together. Sometimes that cup of coffee can be more than just a caffeine boost.

For the new promotion, the new Hardee’s Rise and Shine Mug Club in partnership with YETI launched on February 25. For $24.99, customers can purchase the special YETI mug and be part of the club. Also the first 100 people to purchase one of these special mugs will receive from coffee for a year (at participating locations).

It is curious that Hardee’s choose to partner with YETI. While many people love their travel mugs, the YETI version is more like a traditional coffee mug style. More people are enjoying the traditional mug, with a handle.

Beyond the mug style, the most important thing is that the coffee stays hot. YETI products do a great job of keeping beverages hot. No one wants to drink just warm or room temperature coffee.

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Are you ready for Rise and Shine Coffee at Hardee’s? Grab that new YETI mug and start your day off right.