TODAY Café brings Studio 1A experience to Universal Orlando


What’s in Universal Orlando’s neck of the woods? TODAY Café will bring the NBC experience to the Florida theme park with a delicious seasonal menu.

TODAY Café looks to bring a creative interactive experience to Universal Orlando. As part of the Florida’s theme park’s continued effort to innovate and entertain its guests, the newest attraction is part eatery and part experience. With the new experience, Universal Orlando continues to emphasize the guest’s immersive experience.

According to Universal Orlando, the TODAY Café will have guests feel like they have stepped onto the iconic Studio 1A set. While the environment is detail oriented, the food needs to as impressive as the décor.

In a way, Universal Orlando is trying to tell a unique food story at each of the theme parks’ eateries. Based on the initial announcement, this eatery will feature foods choices not currently offered in the Florida theme park.

With a focus on seasonal, elevated ingredients, these menu items will be more foodie forward. Options like an avocado toast and organic acai bowl appeal to a foodie guest. While the entire menu hasn’t been revealed, the focus seems to be more than just simple, traditional theme park fare.

TODAY Café coming to Universal Orlando, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Since the theme of this Universal eatery is the TODAY show, many of the menu items will have a connection to TODAY anchors. For example, Universal reports that some seasonal dishes will be inspired by Al Roker’s favorite recipes. While it might not be Al Roker’s Mom’s Sweet Potato Poon, these menu items should be quite tasty and interesting.

Additionally, other anchors will have influenced menu items. From the fourth hour’s wine o’clock to delightful cheese plates, there seems to be many ways for this new Universal eatery to include numerous aspects from TODAY.

While not specifically stated, the seasonality of the eatery’s menu could offer specific collaborations with TODAY. Could certain recipes from the show be featured at the restaurant or vice versa? That option remains to be seen.

TODAY Café, Avocado Toast, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Based on this initial announcement, the overall menu seems to focus on breakfast and lighter fare. Since breakfast all day is a popular food trend, the eatery won’t be limited to just early morning hours. Who doesn’t like a pastry and coffee as an afternoon snack?

Also, more people are looking for variety in a theme park food setting. From salads to even vegan, variety keeps guests happy and keeps them returning time and again.

For the coffee fans, Universal is giving a great nod to local coffee brewers. The eatery will feature specially, locally-roasted coffees, plus a unique blend just for the eatery. Universal has done a wonderful job of highlighting local throughout the theme parks and hotels. For example, there is no shortage of local craft beers throughout the resort.

While no exact opening date has been slated for the TODAY Café opening, it should come in the relatively near future. With this summer’s opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, this new eatery could be the home based for upcoming TODAY filming.

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What do you think of the TODAY Café coming to Universal Orlando? Could this eatery be your new favorite stop at the Florida theme park?