Sun Puffs are SunChips most craveable snack ever


What are Sun Puffs? The newest snack from SunChips just might be a breath of fresh snacking that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

SunChips just launched a new snack that will have everyone talking. Sun Puffs are the latest snack innovation to hit grocery store shelves. This new version of the classic multi-grain snack that will have people talking and snacking.

Snacking is part of life. From the mid-afternoon stomach growling to the desire to eat something crunchy, snacks tend to call us from the pantry. Even so, people want variety. Just like eating the same dinner every day is monotonous, eating the same snack every day can be boring.

The new Sun Puffs are a new snack from the SunChips brand. Over 30 years ago, SunChips brought innovation to the snack aisle with its wavy look and whole grains. While the SunChips line had expanded on flavors, this new snack option is a different innovation.

The multi-grain chip is puffed, which makes it light and airy. Additionally, it is in a bite sized form. Whether you grab one at a time or a couple, the puffed consistency and smaller size add to the snacking enjoyment. In a way, it feels like a less-guilty, grazable snack.

Puffed varieties of snacks seem to be growing. While a puffed snack offers crunch, it seems less heavy than other traditional snacks. In part it could make people feel guilty when they grab a second serving from the bag.

The new snack is available in Four Cheese. That flavor is a blend of “Monterey jack, cheddar, gouda and mozzarella cheese.” By combining the four different cheeses, the cheese flavor should be bold yet not overbearing. More importantly, the flavors should play well with the multi-grain snack.

Sun Puffs are hitting store shelves and should be in the same aisle as the classic SunChips.

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Are you craving a new, light airy snack? Will this new snack find its way into your grocery cart?