Blue Bantha Milk: One of many colorful foods at Star Wars Galaxy Edge


Have you always wanted to drink the infamous Blue Bantha Milk? At Star Wars Galaxy Edge, this beverage is just one of many colorful foods.

Blue Bantha Milk is going from film fiction to real life. With numerous outlets sharing details on the food choices at the soon to be opened Star Wars Galaxy Edge, it seems that color is the biggest theme for all these creative bites. Will your eyes entice your stomach?

While it will be several months till the general public can experience the wonder and glory that is Star Wars Galaxy Edge, the tidbits of information about the food choices are making people’s mouths water. Don’t worry fans, porgs won’t be on the menu.

After reading numerous reports, these menu items are not your typical, old school theme park options. Long gone are the foods on a stick. Although these items are meant to be a little atypical, they are still approachable in flavor. Disney is never going to push the envelope to something totally uncomfortable.

Overall, these options are bursting with big bold flavors. Since this location is a trading outpost, the food looks to be a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. From spicy Asian influenced dishes to hearty ribs, these dishes draw influence from the Star Wars world but also follow current food trends.

The most noticeable theme carrying through all the food is color. Beyond the colorful milks, the desserts are equally colorful. From greens to purples, there is a conscious effort to feel like you are literally eating a rainbow. Maybe this experience could have people become more adventurous in their food choices.

Beyond the colors and spice, Disney appears to be embracing more food choices in its menus. As more people are allergen conscious, plant based and other lifestyle choices, Disney is incorporating those ways of eating into Star Wars Galaxy Edge (as well as its other theme parks). Overall, the feel is very inclusive while still being eclectic.

Still, the most anticipated foods are the blue and green milks. Although no one has seemed to have actually tasted the “milk” yet, it is assumed that the drink will not be milk based. It is believed to be a frozen drink. More importantly, given the allergen-friendly push, it should be dairy free (and maybe even vegan). Also, going for a dairy free option is likely because no one would want to drink milk on a hot Florida afternoon.

Thinking about this colorful milk, it is curious that Disney hasn’t floated a test beverage yet. Anyone remember how the boba balls used in the Canteen at Animal Kingdom appeared at Disney’s Festival of the Arts? Wonder if there is a non-blue beverage that has popped up at Disney which will be similar to these milks.

As foodies pour over the scrumptious photos from Disney Parks, the stomach rumbling will continue to grow. Unfortunately, it will be several more months till all these delicious bites will be available for the public to try.

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What you do think of Disney’s Blue Bantha Milk? What Star Wars themed food would you want to see added to the menu?