Baileys Chocolate Mint: Perfect St. Patrick’s Day cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes


Looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day cupcake? Baileys Chocolate Mint from Georgetown Cupcakes is the sweet luck of the Irish.

A St. Patrick’s Day cupcake could be the sweetest way to celebrate the holiday. Georgetown Cupcakes created the perfect flavor to celebrate the holiday. Baileys Chocolate Mint sounds like an indulgent treat that is perfect pairing to a favorite Irish dinner.

After a fierce Instagram battle, Georgetown Cupcakes’ fans chose the official limited edition St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcake. Made with Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur, this cupcake is bursting with Irish themed tastiness.

The cupcake is described as a chocolate mint based cupcake. It is filled with mint chocolate ganache. Then it is topped with a Baileys-infused green vanilla frosting, drizzled with mint chocolate ganache and topped with shamrock confetti. It is definitely an Instagram worthy cupcake.

While Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur is used in the icing, the cupcake is non-alcoholic. Still, the Baileys flavor is clear.

Baileys Chocolate Mint: Perfect St. Patrick’s Day cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes, photo provided by Baileys

Combining Baileys, chocolate and mint is a perfect choice for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, green is the color of the holiday. Still, the flavor needs to deliver. In this case, the Irish cream flavor is subtle yet completely enjoyable.

This special limited edition cupcake is available at Georgetown Cupcakes, both in stores and available shipped nationwide.

While this particular sweet treat is absolutely amazing, it can spur some creativity for the home baker. Georgetown Cupcakes show that Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur can be a delightful flavor in a dessert or treat.

Beyond this pairing of chocolate and mint, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur can work with coffee flavors or even a rich vanilla could be a delightful blend. A little experimentation in the kitchen can lead to some creative flavor combinations.

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Is the Baileys Chocolate Mint the perfect St. Patrick’s Day cupcake? Maybe a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes is the perfect Irish inspired treat.