Snack for a cause: Stacy’s Snacks launch Stacy’s Rise Program


Stacy’s Rise Program and Stacy’s Snacks encourage everyone to snack for a cause. In support of Women’s History Month, this program celebrates strong women.

Stacy’s Rise Program is putting a different spin on snack time. Snack for a cause might sound like a curious statement, but it is more than enjoying your favorite pita chips in the middle of the afternoon. This program seeks to educate and encourage through the snacking platform.

March is Women’s History Month. In support of that initiative, Stacy’s Snacks has brought back its limited edition bags. The brand’s support goes beyond the artwork. This Stacy’s Rise Program looks to foster food-centric entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Since Stacy’s is a branded founded by a female entrepreneur, the brand looks to support women in their business endeavors. According to Ciara Dilly, vice president of marketing Stacy’s Snacks, “studies have hone that they (women) continue to lack equal access, growth opportunities and financial investment.” The Stacy’s Rise looks both to educate, promote and fund these initiatives.

When many people grab a bag of Stacy’s Pita chips or other Stacy’s Snacks from the snack aisle, they may be unaware these pita chips started with a food cart in Boston. What started small has grown into a very successful business venture. Through these programs, the brand and the founder pays their success forward.

The Stacy’s is using Women’s History Month in a two part program. First, it is seeking to raise $200,000 to support “United Way’s efforts to reduce the funding gap for female-founded businesses.” Second, Stacy’s is launching its Stacy’s Rise Program. This program will award $200,000 to help “women grow their food-related businesses.” Applications for this program begin on April 12 at

But, the brand needed a way to make people aware of these programs. To grab people’s attention regarding this initiative and raise awareness for women’s causes, Stacy’s uses the annual Women’s History Month bag art as a clear, noticeable visual. Gone are the classic black bags. Instead a rainbow of color, graphic design and eye catching artwork calls from the snack aisle.

This year’s limited-edition bags are all designed by female artists. More importantly, these bags depict “six key stages of a female entrepreneur’s journey, Inspiration, Courage, Grit, Nourishment, Success and Community.”

Limited Edition bags, photo provided by Stacy’s

Thinking about those six adjectives, those words can apply in many people’s lives. For example, a mom benefits from community when raising her children. That community doesn’t dissipate when those children are grown. People evolve, the community grows and hopefully everyone prospers.

While this initiative is intended to raise awareness and funding for women entrepreneurs, it can go beyond that. Grabbing a couple of those colorful bags can start a conversation. Just that simple conservation can be the spark of change.

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This month consider to grab a snack for a cause and support Stacy’s Rise Program. That program might be fostering the next big food trend.