Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls, dip, dunk and snack on the sweetest treat


Have you heard? Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls have come to satisfy that sweet, cinnamon craving as a permanent menu item.

Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls are here to stay. The always popular Cinnabon has added this churro style offering to its permanent menu. While many people crave the delicious cinnamon swirl of a Cinnabon, this menu option adds a slightly different twist. Are you ready for this type of swirl?

Churros seem to have been popping up on restaurants menus recently. While it might be a classic churro or maybe a fried stick, these fried doughs coated in sugar are rather addicting. From the slightly crunchy, sugar coated outside to the soft, chewy interior, these sweet treats are totally addicting.

Previously, churros were sometimes seen as a special treat. Whether enjoyed at a favorite amusement park or event, the warm, cinnamon sugar aroma entices people to take at least one bite. That almost craveable flavor has been popping up everywhere. From the cereal aisle to muffins, everyone cannot get enough churros.

Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls, dip, dunk and snack on the sweetest treat, photo provided by Cinnabon

This Cinnabon menu item is offered in a couple of ways. Dipping churros adds to the enjoyment of this sweet treat. The brand has added two new flavors of dipping sauces. Options are Ghirardelli Chocolate or Smooth Caramel. While each sauce is separate, combining the two dipping sauces for the ultimate sweet indulgence is a must try.

Also, Cinnabon is offering a Churro Frosting Sandwich. While this treat is primarily for the sweet fan, this option brings a nod to its classic cinnamon buns. Using the signature Cinnabon cream cheese frosting between two Churro Swirls takes the cinnamon bun flavor to a whole new level. Combining luscious with crunchy, the enjoyment is pure bliss.

Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls are available at participating mall locations. While prices vary, guests can expect that the cost starts at approximately $2.49.

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Will you be searching for some Churro Swirls? Better yet, how many can you eat in one setting?