Food Network’s new Bobby Flay show, The Flay List


Food and family go hand in hand. In The Flay List, Food Network’s Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie show how good food crosses generations.

Food Network is launching The Flay List. This new Food TV show staring Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie shows a vital concept. While it is understood that food brings people around the table, food is the language that crosses generations. Although favorite places might differ, the love of a great meal is universal.

The premise of this new Food Network show is simple. Flay and his daughter share some of their favorite culinary destinations. While the restaurants are the focus, the show seems to be more than just a food/travel program.

Looking at the six episodes, the focus is on amazing local dishes. From a memorable taco to new ice cream, the food is just part of the journey. Of course, highlighting local spots gives foodies a next place to put on their must visit, but there is more.

Putting together a father and daughter on this culinary exploration serves a great example to food fans. Food and food experiences are a driving force in travel decisions. From finding that perfect restaurant to exploring local cuisine, food and travel go hand in hand.

Hosts Bobby Flay and Sophie Flay at Joe’s Pizza in New York, as seen on Flay vs Flay, Season 1.

More importantly, the idea that food is a common language within a family is interesting. While each person has his own preferences, the conversation around the table is paramount. Agree on flavors, disagree on presentation or a myriad of other combinations, the time spent together is key. Hopefully, this food TV show explores some of that dynamic.

Lastly, it is interesting that Food Network continues to explore this type of programing with a travel/experience slant. While the old school cooking shows aren’t as dominant, these food shows can inspire the home cook to explore flavor, cuisines and dishes. Additionally, it would be nice to have some online links to how-to’s or similar recipe examples to pair with these programs.

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The Flay List will debut on Food Network starting April 11 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.