Every woman is a superhero, 10 health tips to power the hero within her


Women, all women, are superheroes. With these 10 health tips, women can put themselves first and continue to power the hero within themselves.

Superheroes are all around everyone. From mom to teacher to neighbor, women can run and rule the world. As Captain Marvel hits movie theaters and people celebrate International Woman’s Day, women and important women issues are a point of discussion. These 10 health tips can help any and every woman power the hero within herself.

Dole has partnered with Captain Marvel on a 10-week empowered-living alliance. Melanie Marcus, Nutrition and Health Communications Manager for Dole Food Company has compiled ten food tips for women.

While these tips are targeted at women, encouraging them to put their health and well-being first, the tips are universal. Many women are the caregiver, the nurturer and the heart of the family. When she is healthy, happy and well-nourished, women have the power and strength to conqueror it all.

Here are Dole’s recommended 10 health tips that can help power the hero within.

Captain Marvel inspired recipes, photo provided by Dole

1. Break the fast

Many people have heard the long standing recommendation, eat a good breakfast. With today’s grab and go lifestyle, that breakfast needs to be convenient, quick and packed full of nutrients. Still, a combination of protein and fiber can keep the energy high. One of the more popular breakfast choices is an acai bowl. Dole’s Coconut Acai Bowl has 10 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber.

2. Hydration

Of course, everyone has heard that drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is important. Additionally, water can help manage hunger, helps to fight off fatigue and even can help your skin. If regular water gets boring, try adding some fresh fruit. A simple water fusion can keep you drinking and drinking all day long.

3. Stretch those muscles

Have you ever noticed that sitting at your desk can leave you feeling blah? Take a few moments throughout the day to stretch, move or just shake it out. Those little movements are good for circulation and can even alleviate at little bit of stress.

4. Think ahead/be prepared

Even if you weren’t a Girl Scout, being prepared with easy, healthy snacks can keep you from making poor nutritional choices. Small snacks or small meals can keep energy levels up. Protein based snacks, like yogurt, are a great option.

5. Exercise isn’t a bad word

Even with super busy lives, finding time to exercise is paramount. 30 minutes of movement a day can help boost your mood, keep your energy high and is good for your body. Find an activity that appeals to your personality. Also, variety can help avoid boredom. Just remember to keep moving.

Captain Marvel inspired recipes: Powering the hero within everyone, photo provided by Dole

6. Fiber is filling

Fiber offers lots of health benefits. From fruits and vegetables to whole grains, fiber can come from all types of sources. A fiber rich recipe can fill you up, too. A recipe like Dole’s Lemon Ginger Spring Vegetable Stir Fry is packed with fiber and it tastes great.

7. Convenience comes with a price

From that snack drawer to the drive through, convenience can have a big nutritionally price. Instead of grabbing that processed or packaged option, consider a different option. Create your own trail mix with freeze dried fruit or cheese with some nuts. Don’t just grab and go without thinking.

8. Calcium from many sources

Growing up, everyone was drinking milk for their calcium. But, other foods are calcium rich, too. Almonds, tofu and even white beans are great sources of calcium. It doesn’t mean that yogurt smoothie is banished. Just understand that there are various calcium sources.

9. Time to boost the iron

In addition to pumping some iron in the gym, boost the iron in your food choices. Numerous food choices are high in iron. For example, iron rich cereals are a great way to start the day. Also, lentils as a side dish, like Sweet Apple Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Lentils are packed with nutritional benefits.

10. Hit the hay

Everyone is busy and sometimes distracted. At night, turn off the television, smart phone and distractions. A good night’s sleep helps your body recharge.

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How do you power your hero within? Could these 10 health tips make a difference in your life?