Johnny Rockets new menu offerings focus on the crunch


Johnny Rockets new menu options have one thing in common. That bite satisfaction is focused on the crunch, a big crunch.

Ready for the Johnny Rockets new menu offerings? As seasons change, restaurants look to update their menus with limited edition items. While sometimes ingredients lead the change, Johnny Rockets is taking a different approach. These new menu offerings focus on texture, specifically crunch.

Many people understand that texture leads to bite satisfaction. It can be the sound, change in texture or just the taste. For whatever the reason, crunch is a favorite with food fans. These five new menu options at Johnny Rockets feature that satisfying crunch.

The five new menu items are Honey BBQ Crunch Burger, Honey BBQ Crunch Chicken Sandwich, Loaded Bacon Crunch Chips, Caramel Crunch Shake with Snickers and Cappuccino Crunch Shake. Whether enjoyed on their own or combined in a satisfying meal, these choices might make you wish for a longer Spring.

The Honey BBQ Crunch Burger looks to employ a classic chef burger trick. Adding chips to a burger is amazing. The combination of texture and salt makes that juicy burger taste even better. With some bacon, BBQ sauce and melted cheese, this burger will make you say mmmm.

Johnny Rockets Loaded Bacon Crunch Chips, photo provided by Johnny Rockets

While burgers are always popular at Johnny Rockets, the chicken sandwich doesn’t want to be left out of the crunchy fun. Similar to the Honey BBQ Crunch Burger, this chicken sandwich uses the same ingredients but swaps in chicken. It is a great alternative for the chicken fans.

Although loaded fries often get a spot on the menu, the Loaded Bacon Crunch Chips will have you licking your fingers. Those crunchy chips are smothered with cheese sauce, shredded Cheddar cheese and Applewood smoked bacon. You might need a fork for this menu item.

Cappuccino Crunch Shake, photo provided by Johnny Rockets

Lastly, a meal at Johnny Rockets isn’t complete without a decadent shake. The crunch factor is brought into two new limited edition shakes. The Caramel Crunch Shake with Snickers and Cappuccino Crunch Shake might make you ditch the straw for the spoon. While Snickers shake is tasty, the Cappuccino Crunch Shake is more intriguing. The coated chocolate cappuccino crunch candy pieces need to be available in a bowl. The coffee fan will want to eat handful after handful of these candy pieces.

The Johnny Rockets new menu offerings will be available from March 11 until May 5. They will be offered at participating locations.

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Are you ready to get your crunch on? Which Johnny Rockets new menu item will you try first?