Restaurant Impossible and Robert Irvine return to Food Network


Restaurant Impossible returns for a new season. Can Robert Irvine bring redemption to these fledging restaurants and put them on the road to success?

After a hiatus, Restaurant Impossible is returning to the Food Network. With Robert Irvine leading the charge, failing restaurants are looking to find revitalization. Can these restaurants and owners listen to Irvine’s wisdom and experience?

For many years, foodies and Food Network fans watched Chef Robert transform the failing restaurants into success stories. With just $10,000 and two days, these transformations were more than just physical. Chef Robert changes how these owners approach the restaurant business.

Unlike other restaurant makeover shows, this Food Network show isn’t about the shock value or berating the owners. The focus is on making a restaurant a successful business. Blending together a smart business plan, successful menu and visually stunning location creates a foundation for the best restaurant.

Over the years, Chef Robert has found a way to endear himself to the restaurant community. He offers sound, easy to follow advice in a way that makes logical, applicable sense. He doesn’t negate the pitfalls; rather he offers owners solutions to overcome them.

During the recent International Home and Housewares Show, Chef Robert showcased his line of barware from Cambridge Silversmith. The sleek, masculine barware will have a wide appeal. From wood grain to subtle metallic, the modern style would fit in many homes.

As part of a booth appearance, I asked Chef Robert a quick question about the foundation of a successful restaurant. He mentioned that one key to success is proper funding. If the restaurant doesn’t have significant reserves (over and above of investment, operating costs, etc), the restaurant is set up for failure.

That idea is key. Starting a restaurant is more than just being a great chef or serving amazing food. A restaurant is a business. Without smart business acumen, that business will not be as successful as it could be.

Looking at Chef Robert’s success rate on this Food Network show, he knows that his advice is sound. He has shared these tips at National Restaurant Association Show and other trade events. Any restaurant who appears on this show needs to heed his advice if they want to be successful.

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The new season of Restaurant Impossible premieres on April 20 at 9 p.m. ET on the Food Network.