Gardetto’s Crisps: Bold flavor, light texture, perfect beer pairing


Have you tried the new Gardetto’s Crisps? This new snack has all the bold flavor fans love with a light, crisp texture that makes it a perfect beer pairing.

Snack time has a new tasty treat. Gardetto’s Crisps might become your next favorite, go-to snack. The classic snack that started in Milwaukee, Gardetto’s has an iconic flavor that is completely unique. While the original snack has all types of bits and pieces of bakery favorites, the flavor makes Gardetto’s instantly identifiable.

In this new snack, that bold flavor that Gardetto’s fans love is front and center. The difference occurs in the snack form. These crisps are light, airy thin cracker like snack. The snack offers a satisfying crunch because it is light and airy.

For true Gardetto’s fans, the flavor of the iconic snack comes through on each and every bite. This new snack is enjoyable because it is lighter than the traditional snack mix. Whether you enjoy one crispy at a time or a handful, the texture is delightful.

Gardetto’s Crisps, photo by Cristine Struble

While this snack is meant to be enjoyed on its own, adding some cheese slices is quite enjoyable. Whether stacked or enjoyed side by side, this snacking combination is quite satisfying.

In addition to the Original Gardetto’s Crisps feature the original Gardetto’s seasoning, the brand also has a peppercorn ranch flavor. This flavor offers a bold, yet creamery taste to the light, airy crisp. For ranch fans, this snack option will be a must try.

Since Gardetto’s is often enjoyed with a frosty, cold beverage (preferably a beer), these new crisps started a beer pairing and snack conversation. While everyone’s tastes are different, a few combinations really seemed to hit the spot in our household. After a long, enjoyable afternoon of tastings, here are a few of our favorite Gardetto’s Crisps and beer pairing choices.

Original recipe and Leinenkugel Amber (or your favorite amber beer)
The bold original Gardetto’s seasonings stands up to a stronger, robust beer. The warm, caramel notes from an amber beer balances the unique Gardetto’s seasoning. Of course, a local Wisconsin beer, like Leinenkugel Amber, is great or another amber beer works well, too.

Original recipe and Shock Top
A wheat beer, with fruit and spice flavors, pairs well with the original recipe crisps. The orange and spice compliment the bold seasonings. While the wheat beer is a little heavier than the crisps, the combination can be quite addicting.

Peppercorn ranch and pilsner
The peppercorn ranch flavor needs a crisp, bright beer to balance the richness of the snack. A classic pilsner is a classic beer that is refreshing and smooth. You might empty that the bowl and the glass before you know it.

Peppercorn ranch and East Coast IPA
The hazy East Coast IPA stands up to the robust peppercorn ranch flavor. While the original flavor would work too, the tart, hazy fruit forward beers seem to play off the peppery flavors.

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Gardetto’s Crisps are available at various convenience stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $2.80.

Whether you enjoy one of these new Gardetto’s Crisps with a favorite beer, glass of wine or a refreshing soda, snack time is definitely getting a big boost of flavor. Are you ready to try crunch into this new snack?