Sam Adams New England Pale Ale has a flavor that will surprise you


Sam Adams New England Pale Ale is the newest beer to join the popular Sam Adams line. Are you prepared for this flavorful beer?

Sam Adams has a legion of beer fans. For this newest beer to its long list of impressive beers, the Sam Adams New England Pale Ale is different from the traditional New England style beers. While impressive in flavor, this beer will definitely have beer drinkers take notice.

Pale Ales come in numerous varieties. West Coast and East Coast beers have very different flavor profiles. For example, West Coast IPAs often had big, almost aggressive flavors. Sometimes a bitter note is predominate.

For an East Coast IPA, the color tends to be more hazy and less bitter. Generally, the East Coast IPA is the more prevalent style of IPAs.

Sam Adams New England Pale Ale has a flavor that will surprise you, photo provided by Sam Adam

To create this new Sam Adams beer, the brewer sourced its hops from the Hallertaü region of Germany. This is a premier hop growing region. By using a very different hop, the flavor is different from other varieties. For example this beer is citrus forward, in part due to the hops.

Additionally, the beer blends five different hops in the brewing process. This combination creates a cacophony of flavors. While smooth drinking, the flavor is fruit forward.

The new Sam Adams New England Pale Ale is considered a medium-bodied beer. The fruit flavor goes beyond citrus. Notes of peach and mango are subtle yet noticeable.

For the occasional IPA drinker, this beer will be a nice contrast to other IPAs on the market. It is noticeably less bitter yet maintains a quite rich flavor. Additionally, the ABV is 5.5%, which is a nice contrast to other heavier beer.

As the warmer weather approaches, this hazy, balanced beer will be perfect for gatherings, easy afternoons and weekend dinners. While rich in flavor, it has a drinkability that many people will enjoy.

The new Sam Adams beer is available now at various retailers. To find a retail location, please visit the Sam Adam website.

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If you are a fan of the hazy IPAs, try the new Sam Adams New England Pale Ale. It could become your new go-to beer.