Is pizza delivery changing how people enjoy the classic takeout food?


Pizza delivery has been a constant in the food world. Are all the new delivery options changing the classic takeout food?

How often do you get pizza delivery? Pizza has been one of the classic takeout foods. Many people grew up with the Friday night doorbell signaling the iconic takeout food had arrived. Today delivery options are many. But, are all these options good or bad for the iconic pizza?

From DoorDash to Uber Eats, food delivery is everywhere. With just a push of a button, your favorite restaurant meal can arrive at your home. While these delivery options are beneficial for restaurants, it is changing the pizza industry.

Pizza was one of the few foods that were associated with home food delivery. Whether it was a large pizza chain or a favorite mom and pop restaurant, those pizza joints had a few drivers who would delivery piping hot pizza to your front door. Today, that delivery has changed.

DoorDash expands to all 50 states, photo provided by DoorDash

For example, DoorDash just announced a partnership with Papa Johns. While this partnership brings more than 1,400 locations into the fold, there is both benefits and detriments to the consumer. Sure, the launch brings a promotional free delivery, but that reduced fee is just for a promotion.

Years ago, delivered pizza didn’t have a big service charge applied to the service. Many of these popular programs tack on delivery fees. While larger orders or promotions reduce these fees, the programs could cause your favorite pizza to be more expensive.

On the positive side, these delivery services are more specialized. Who hated the cold pizza or the pizza slide (all the toppings having fallen off the pizza) because the pizza guy didn’t take care during the delivery? With these food delivery services, those delivery fails shouldn’t happen.

Additionally, the changes to delivery are just starting. While these delivery services are more popular, companies, like Pizza Hut, are looking into automated options. The Pizza Hut and FedEx delivery collaboration could have on demand pizza options happening almost anywhere. Based on this idea, what does the future hold?

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Has pizza delivery changed how people enjoy their favorite pizza? The simple answer is yes, But, it poses another question, what is next?