Odwalla Smoobucha, bold combination of flavor and function


What beverage fuels your day? The new Odwalla Smoobucha takes two popular beverages and blends it into a bottle of flavor and function.

Another creative beverage combination is hitting store shelves. The new Odwalla Smoobucha combines two favorite beverages into one. In a way, this beverage could be the perfect combination of flavor and function.

Grab and go smoothies are extremely popular. While making a smoothie at home isn’t overly difficult, many people prefer the ready-made alternative. From a quick grab and go morning option to a mid-day snack, the fruits and vegetables packed into a serving makes this beverage a popular choice.

Over the years, kombucha has grown in popularity. While the fermented beverage has been around for centuries, the added health benefits from kombucha has increased its notoriety. Now, this beverage can be found next to all the popular beverage options.

Recently, Odwalla introduced a new beverage that combines a smoothie and kombucha into a single beverage, Odwalla Smoobucha. The new offering comes in three flavors, Citrus & Guava, Berry & Ginger and Apple & Greens.

Looking at these three flavors, the most intriguing option is clearly the berry and ginger. Ginger and kombucha are a common pairing. The spice from the ginger plays well with the fermented qualities of the drink. In this combination, the ginger should balance the sweetness from the berry. While sweet should be the first flavor, the lingering spice from the ginger should make this beverage quite satisfying.

Additionally, it is encouraging to see Odwalla incorporate an exotic fruit, guava, into its offerings. While guava might be more common and less exotic than other fruits, it has a different appeal. Although this beverage might be a little sweet, hopefully the tart flavors aren’t too masked. A little bit of pucker always adds to a beverage’s enjoyment.

Lastly, this new beverage launch looks to differentiate itself in the crowded smoothie aisle. This blended beverage offers “40% less sugar and few calories than top smoothie items.”

Many people are concerned about calorie consumption. Drinking calories can lead to over indulgence. By reducing the calorie content, Odwalla is setting this beverage apart from others.

The Odwalla Smoobucha is available in a 15.2 oz bottle and retails for approximately $2.99.

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Could this new Odwalla beverage replace your favorite smoothie or kombucha drink?