Burger King offers the best deal for a whole month of coffee


Burger King understands that coffee, daily coffee, is a necessity. The new coffee subscription service is the best money spent.

Can’t start your day without coffee? Many people need that jolt of caffeine to jump start the day. Burger King understands that coffee craving. But, why should that simple daily ritual cost more than your monthly Netflix subscription?

For the cost of a latte at some coffee places, Burger King is launching a monthly coffee subscription service. Yes, for just $5, customers can purchase a month’s worth of coffee.

According to Burger King, the BK app will offer a daily coffee subscription model. For just $5, customers can get a BK Café brewed coffee every single day for a month. Simple, easy, done.

Granted, the coffee is just coffee. No foam clouds, no quadruple flavor shots or other crazy combinations are included. Still, $5 for a whole month of coffee is quite a deal. Making coffee at home isn’t as cheap.

Now, if you like all those sugary, crazy coffee combinations, you can create your own elaborate drink with the coffee deal. Truthfully, a mocha is just some chocolate syrup and extra milk.

Even just some cinnamon and sugar can elevate a plain black coffee. Given the deal, all the experimentation pays for itself after the first purchase.

Adding this coffee deal shows that fast food companies are thinking beyond that traditional burger and fries menu. Beverages, especially coffee, are a hot commodity. Recently, several fast food companies have expanded their beverage, specifically coffee, options.

Coffee isn’t just a morning beverage either. If people come in every day to grab their coffee, it increases the chances of them buying some food. Maybe that coffee turns into a Friday breakfast meal. Overall, it is a smart business decision to offer these coffee deals.

Also, the increase use of loyalty apps are becoming the norm. From free food to special deals, that smart phone is filled with these programs. The convenience partnered with the use reward is quite enticing.

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Will you be getting this coffee deal from Burger King? At just $5, it is definitely worth it.