Buffalo Wild Wings shoots and scores with bold new menu items


Ahead of March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings bold new menu items will have guests doing the victory dance even if that perfect bracket gets busted.

Buffalo Wild Wings bold new menu items make it the place to be for all the March Madness watching parties. Ahead of the annual tournament, the popular fast casual restaurant looks to score a win with several new menu items. From a mouthwatering burger to Young Guns Hatch Chile, the food will be as exciting as the on the court action.

BWW, the popular chicken wing centric restaurant, is looking to make to its claim as a great American sports bar. While many people crave chicken wings while watching their favorite sports, a varied menu is important. As BWW continues to grow its fan base, new menu items entice both current fans and new guests into the restaurant.

In this newest menu release, a conscious effort was made to include bold, flavorful choices with mass appeal. Specifically, the new All-American Cheeseburger is a classic fast casual menu item but down with a BWW spin.

For the All-American Cheeseburger, BWW double stacks two, fresh burgers with American cheese, mayo, mustard and picks. While there isn’t a special sauce, the burger chooses wisely with its bun. All this deliciousness sits atop of a toasted Challah bun.
Buffalo Wild Wings ditches the disposable serving boats, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
The bun elevates this burger to the next level. Challah offers a great texture when toasted. Also, it will be absorb all that juicy flavor from the burger. This new menu option should be a big hit with guests.

Additionally, a few new menu items will have Young Guns Hatch Chile. The Hatch Chile offers a bold flavor without an overly strong heat level. Sometimes a regionally favorite flavor, the Hatch Chile in queso and on nachos will definitely offer a bolder choice to these menu items.

Lastly, BWW is making a big change to the way it serves food. The disposable serving boats and plastic ramekins will be replaced. According to the brand, the “new plate ware will eliminate over 700 million pieces of paper and plastic products that were previously used annually.”

The ditch the disposable trend is becoming more and more apparent. From getting rid of straws to other single use items, consumers are demanding more environmentally conscious choices. Restaurants who don’t embrace these changes will be left behind.

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Will the new Buffalo Wild Wings bold menu items tempt you to make a visit this weekend? Who cares about a busted bracket when the food is this tasty.