Pizza Hut P’Zone returns for March Madness


Pizza Hut P’Zone is back to the delight of fans. After 17 years, the cult menu favorite will be hitting Pizza Hut locations nationwide.

Fans waited, wanted and now they have it. Pizza Hut P’Zone has returned to Pizza Hut menus nationwide. While there has been much speculation, Pizza Hut confirms that the cult favorite P’Zone has made its triumphant return.

For those unfamiliar, a P’Zone takes a flavorful Parmesan crust and stuffs it with goodness. All types of pizza toppings are piled into this bite of deliciousness. From hearty meat to luscious cheese, one bite offers an explosion of flavors.

Baked like a similar to a calzone, the Pizza Hut favorite is served with marinara sauce. While it is possible to eat with your hands, a fork and knife might be a better option. The returning menu item will be offered in pepperoni, meaty and supremo.

Since it is March Madness season, Pizza Hut is offering a huge promotion to bring back this classic menu item. The Pepperoni P’Zone will join the $5 Line-up during March Madness. At this price, everyone can get their own P’Zone. With this option, no one can blame sharing on a busted bracket.

Pizza Hut P’Zone, photo provided by Pizza Hut

This returning menu item is another example of Pizza Hut bringing back old school favorites. While new and innovative menu items get people’s attention, some classic choices are favorites for a reason. Fans remember those classic flavors and treats.

Sometimes classic flavors and combinations are a favorite for a reason. A perfect cheesy, crust can make a person’s mouth water. Blending that texture with a hearty filling can satisfy on so many levels. It could be the ultimate pizza dream.

Bringing this menu item back for March Madness is smart. After a hugely successful NFL football season, Pizza Hut wants to continue the momentum. This returning menu item and the $5 Line-up promotion does just that scenario.

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Are you excited to the Pizza Hut P’Zone? Who cares about brackets and basketball when there is delicious Pizza Hut pizza?