EXTRA Refreshers: New soft chew gum is a flavor game changer


Are you ready for the new EXTRA Refreshers? This new soft chew gum offers a new, exciting experience that gum fans will be craving.

A new flavorful gum, EXTRA Refreshers, is hitting store shelves. Gum fans are bursting with excitement over this new soft chew gum. Are you prepared for the intense freshness?

According to EXTRA, soft chew gum is the fastest growing gum form. Popular with younger consumers, the different texture has definite appeal. While texture is a factor, the flavor needs to deliver.

The new Refreshers are available in three flavors, Spearmint, Polar Ice and Tropical Mint. The idea is that each flavor needs to provide a burst in flavor. While intended to be intense, the flavors won’t overpower. The experience is meant to offer a “wow” that seems to boost the overall enjoyment.

Looking at the three new flavors, the Tropical Mint flavor looks to be the most exciting. Tropical flavors are taking over store shelves. As exotic fruits become more popular, tropical flavors are appearing in candies, snacks and gum.

New EXTRA Refreshers, photo provided by EXTRA

While this flavor seems to be a combination of flavors referencing all tropical notes, the combination with mint should be quite intriguing. Mint and fruit is a lovely pairing. The sweetness of fruit flavor should be balanced by the brightness of the mint.

Having not tried this soft chew gum yet, the combination of these flavors should build. Like any good gum, the tropical flavor should seamless flow into the mint. Neither flavor should overpower the other. Instead the enjoyment should build through the chew.

As the number one gum brand in the U.S., EXTRA continually looks for ways to grow and expand the gum experience. Last year EXTRA launched Chewy Mints. The combination of mint flavor and chewy texture was well received.

EXTRA Refreshers are available at Walmart. The soft chew gum will be available at retailers nationwide starting in April.

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Will you be craving this new EXTRA soft chew gum? Which flavor will be on the must try list?