McDelivery Couch: Why go out when you can order McDonald’s in?


Could the McDelivery Couch become the focal point of your home? After all, McDonald’s delivery with Uber Eats is definitely for the in-crowd.

Forget the drive through or take out. Right now, delivery is the biggest food trend. For one lucky person, the McDelivery Couch will make him the envy of the food world. Could this epic food and home accessory be yours?

McDonald’s and Uber Eats are a winning combination. Previously, the iconic Big Mac and craveable French fries were only available at your local restaurant. Now, McDonald’s delivery is readily available. When that craving hits, your favorite fast food is delivered to your door.

According to McDonald’s Senior Director of Brand and Menu Strategy, McDonald’s, said “McDelivery with Uber Eats is about bringing delicious feel-good moments to our customers, no matter where they are.” This promotion is about showing how people come together because of food. Those memorable experiences can happen anywhere, including that perfect night in.

McDelivery couch, one lucky person’s food dream come true, photo provided by McDonald’s

To celebrate this winning combination, one lucky person will win the most perfect, epic couch to sit and enjoy the delicious McDonald’s delivery. After all, eating out is so overrated. It is time to kick up your feet, grab the remote and dig into some yummy McDonald’s.

Recently, McDonald’s provided a sneak peek at this epic couch that is perfect for the biggest foodie and McDonald’s fan. Made in conjunction with La-Z-Boy, the couch features every possible amenity to enhance the McDonald’s enjoyment experience.

The most genius feature is the built-in McFlurry chillers. These built-in coolers will keep your McFlurry at an optimum 33 degrees. There is nothing worse than a melted McFlurry.

Since this item is a couch, not a chair, it seats up to four. Enjoying a good meal with friends is always better than eating alone. Plus, the couch is treated with La-Z-Boy’s iClean fabric, which means that those dreaded spills aren’t a permanent stain memory. No one wants to ruin a winning friendship with a spillage foul.

All types of essentials for McDonald’s enjoyment are included in this couch. From lighted cupholders to adjustable seats to built-in chargers, the ultimate winner will never want to leave this McDonald’s throne. But, only one lucky person will become the envy of fast food fans everywhere.

The McDelivery couch will go to one lucky winner. The sweepstakes runs from March 19 through April 8, 2019. For entry rules, please visit McDonald’s website.

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All the talk about McDelivery in partnership with Uber Eats, one question remains on the table. What would be the first McDonald’s food that you would order and enjoy on the McDelivery couch?