Netflix’s Street Food is definitely don’t watch hungry television


Netflix just announced a new series, Street Food. This first season should have the same foodie appeal as the popular Chef’s Table.

Street Food is the food series coming to Netflix. From a Chef’s Table creator, this new food TV show will bring some of the best bites to your next binge watching pleasure. This exploration of food carts and small scale food operations should be a culinary feast.

In a recently released image, the chef featured is Jay Fai. While not necessarily a huge celebrity chef name, he does have a Michelin star, the first Bangkok street-side restaurant with that honor. His story deserves to be told.

Although the list of episodes, restaurants and chefs hasn’t been released, this first photo seems to set a tone for the new Netflix series. Delicious food can be found anywhere and everywhere. While celebrated chefs can offer elaborate tasting menus, amazing food doesn’t require tweezers.

Specifically, Netflix states that this series will explore “explores nine countries across Asia, from the hawker stalls of Singapore to the food carts of India.” While street food is prevalent in this area, it is curious that the first season only focuses on this part of the world. Many other countries and regions have a vibrant street food culture.

As the food world embraces its global community, these smaller restaurants and even street stalls inspire food fans everywhere. From the chefs walking the stalls seeking inspiration to food travelers wanting to explore flavor, the hyper local experience is what people crave.

Since this new food series is from a Chef’s Table creator, the series should focus on both the story and the food. Sometimes the person behind the dish is more important than the dish itself. The insight the chef presents is vital to understanding the cuisine.

Netflix’s Street Food premieres on April 26, 2019. There are nine episodes in the first season.

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Will you be watching this new Netflix show? It could inspire some new food exploration.