Original Donut Shop Honey Bun coffee, a touch of sweetness in your cup


The Original Donut Shop Honey Bun coffee is the newest limited edition flavor to hit store shelves. Are you ready for this touch of sweetness?

Do your morning coffee need a little boost? The new limited edition flavor, The Original Donut Shop Honey Bun coffee, could be your next coffee obsession. Is this the flavor that you’ve been dreaming of?

As springtime starts to appear, certain flavors begin to work their way onto store shelves. The warmer weather has people craving slightly sweet, a little spicy and a bigger burst of flavor. It is time to put away the robust spices and embrace the lighter fare.

This new, limited edition flavor from The Original Donut Shop and Keurig is perfect for springtime. It is a light roast coffee that is appreciated by both the coffee fan and casual coffee drinker. As the name states, the flavor evokes a classic honey bun. While not super sweet, the coffee embraces two key flavors from that iconic breakfast food.

Original Donut Shop Honey Bun coffee, a touch of sweetness in your cup, photo by Cristine Struble

As the coffee is brewing, the warm cinnamon aroma hits you. While not overly spicy, the aroma is like that perfect honey bun baking in the oven. It encourages you to take a big, long inhale and anticipate the deliciousness that awaits.

Upon first sip, the slight sweetness from the honey is apparent. While not overly sugary, the honey flavor plays off the cinnamon notes. It is the right balance of sweet and spice.

Thinking about this particular coffee flavor, it would be a perfect coffee to serve with Sunday brunch. While it doesn’t have to be served with a traditional honey bun, it would be delightful to be enjoyed with all types of brunch foods. Just think about the flavor with a big plate of chicken and waffles.

Since this flavor embraces springtime, a wonderful pairing would be with a spring fritta. Think about the egg dish with asparagus, cheese and herbs. Add to that the slightly sweet honey and cinnamon coffee. It would play off the brightness from the other spring flavors.

The Original Donut Shop Honey Bun coffee is available for just a limited time. It can be found at various retailers.

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Are you ready to brew a cup of this delicious springtime coffee? Just don’t miss your opportunity to try this new The Original Donut Shop flavor.