Bud Light responds in the beer wars, imitation is a form of flattery?


In the latest installment of the beer wars, Bud Light responds with its latest jab at its competitors. Is this a form of flattery or just changing the conversation?

Bud Light responds to this latest round of jabs in the beer wars. While other brands want to move the conversation in a different taste direction, this Anheuser-Busch’s light beer wants to keep the focus on ingredients. Will other beer brands take this invitation to imitation?

Every brand, especially a beer brand, needs to find its niche. Whether it resonates with a particular campaign, a flavor or a connection to a sports team, people are often drawn to one brand. The brand loyalty is usually strong. While some people might be polite at a party, they would prefer their favorite beverage. Premium light beer is a highly competitive beer market.

In Bud Light’s most recent response ad, the King returns to address its beer competitors. But, will those other beers accept his royal invitation?

The Dilly Dilly and regal theme continues in Bud Light’s campaign. While the theme continues to reign, the message changes. Instead of light-hearted humor, the focus is on ingredients and transparency.

Ingredient transparency is a growing food trend. People want to understand what is in their food and how it is made. That long list of ingredients that people can’t pronounce or don’t know are no longer acceptable.

Bud Light responds to that food trend by putting the ingredients front and center on its new packaging. Showing that the light beer is free of certain items appeals to its customer base and other ingredient conscious consumers.

In this most recent response, Bud Light encourages other beer brands, especially Miller Lite to follow their lead. Will other beer companies follow suit? That scenario remains to be seen.

While transparency is important, beer companies need to understand that ingredients matter. Although the debate regarding corn syrup, what is truly a “natural” flavor and other hot topic issues will continue to be argued, the tide is turning. People are no longer willing to just blindly drink the beverage in front of them.

Does this latest jab in the beer wars help Bud Light? In a way, it solidifies its position that ingredients matter. That messages resonates with its fans. How other beer brand respond remains to be seen.

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When Bud Light responds to its beer rivals, did the beer brand get it right? Share your thoughts in the comments section.