Ditch the fantasy, Miller Lite knows beer drinkers embrace a tasty reality


While dragons and knights make great television, Miller Lite knows that beer drinkers choose to pour a flavorful, frosty cold real beer.

Miller Lite knows its beer fan live in the real world. Although blue knights and fierce dragons make great fictional tales, no one truly lives in the fantasy world. When it comes to finding a beer based in reality, more beer drinkers are choosing beers based on taste. Dilly Dilly that Bud Light.

Premium light beer is a huge beverage market. From the casual drinker to the sports fan and a variety of groups in between, light beer is a staple. Appealing to the light beer audience has companies looking to position their beer as the best beverage on the shelf.

Another jab has been thrown in the beer wars. In the newest ads from Miller Lite, the beer brand shows the difference between staged, commercial fantasy and real world preference. Check out this ad titled, “Aftermath.”

While this beer ad doesn’t have a catch phrase or huge production value, the concept is clear. In the real world beer drinkers choose their beverage based on taste. Although people can differ on preferences, beer decisions are driven by the taste factor.

According to a poll by BEACON, 42% of consumes say that taste drives premium light beer choices. Since 2016, Miller Lite has touted its taste in the various ad campaigns. Even looking at these recent ads, the spot ends with “more taste, fewer calories and less carbs.”

Although it isn’t necessarily specified, the taste factor could be part of the satisfaction quotient. While people don’t want to compromise their hard work at the gym and their smart eating habits, they don’t want to give up that beer, either. Still, a beer laden in carbs and calories is counterproductive.

When a beer has a great taste, yet doesn’t undo all that hard work, consumers will notice. No one wants to totally deprive themselves of all of life’s pleasures. Finding that balance is key to a smart lifestyle choices.

Granted there was a lot of hype about beer ingredients and the validity of certain claims. Consumers have made the decision. Broad stroke claims not based in reality don’t change people’s opinions. A focus on what really matters, taste, will continue to drive sales.

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Are you ready to embrace the taste and send that other beer to the pit of misery? Or, could all these beer wars have you dreaming of a different libation?