Tired of beer wars, time to take the Coors Light mountain high road


The beer wars have become quite heated. Are you ready to take the Coors Light mountain high road to refresh the conversation?

Another round of beer wars is brewing again. As March Madness heats up, shouldn’t the only trash talking be centered around basketball? Luckily, Coors Light is taking the mountain high road in this latest debate. Are you ready to refresh the conversation?

In a recent survey, Coors Light found that “80 percent of Premium Light beer drinkers said at this point, they would rather enjoy a cold, refreshing beer than continue to worry about what’s in it.” That statement is huge. In a food world where so many people are concerned about organic, carbs and locally grown, beer drinkers just want a good tasting, refreshing beer.

If this statement is true, why are all the comparisons and negativity still getting airtime? Maybe it is time to refresh the conversation.

Starting on March 22, Coors Light will launch the first “smart beer tap.” As seen in this video, this tapper handle is powered by Bud Light negativity.

The premise is simple. When Bud Light hurls negativity at Coors Light, the tapper handle lights up. For beer drinkers, this visual is a huge win for them. Coors Light is buying a beer; that’s right, a free beer could be yours.

Of course, this promotion is meant to be entertaining and highlight Coors Light. More importantly, it turns a negative into a positive. The conversation changes.

Granted, the two beer companies could compare stats, fan loyalty and a myriad of other differences. But, this choice to give people free beer spreads some positivity in an overly negative world. Shouldn’t this world be filled with a few more happy moments?

While this free beer might not help a busted bracket or a disappointing loss, it can provide a few moments of happiness. Also, it could be a reminder that to maybe ditch the trash talk and focus on some positivity.

The Coors Light smart beer tap will appear at participating bars in New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Omaha and Las Vegas. The promotion will run March 22 and 23.

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Do you think that Coors Light’s choice to take the mountain high road can end this round of the beer wars?