What is the biggest beer drinking holiday?


Do you know what is the biggest beer drinking holiday? When this date rolls around, everyone will be raising a cold one in celebration.

The biggest beer drinking holiday may not necessarily surprise you. While some people might think that St. Patrick’s Day has everyone toasting the Irish with a frosty cold pint, the March holiday isn’t the top beer drinking day. Although St. Patrick’s Day is ranked second, July 4th is the holiday for beer drinkers.

As a close second, St. Patrick’s Day is a popular beer drinking day. It is believed that at least half of all legal age drinkers will celebrate the holiday with an adult beverage. Although St. Patrick’s Day celebrates all things Irish, it is a little curious why this day is marked with such festive celebrations. Still, when it comes to toasting with a favorite beer, one key characteristic is a must.

According to Verizon Connect, the most important characteristic in choosing a beer for celebration is the temperature. Cold beer is the biggest deciding factor. Specifically, a frosty cold beer is preferred.

When a beer is cold, the flavor is muted. Science shows that cold beverages hide unpleasant flavors. In the case of beer, the cold masks bitter and/or malty tastes. If you have drunk the same beer super cold, cold and at room temperature, the experience will be different.

Depending on the type of beer, the beer’s temperature should change. For example, dark stout beers should be served warmer for optimal enjoyment. The warmer temperature allows all the flavors to blossom. Whereas some pilsners and wheat beers should be served colder for better enjoyment.

Truthfully, personal preference should always prevail. Everyone tastes food and drinks differently. While one person might enjoy the slightly bitter, malty notes in a slightly warmer beer, another person would prefer those flavors to be less pronounced.

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As people gear up for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the second biggest beer drinking holiday, think about how that beer is enjoyed. A temperature taste test might have you discover a new favorite beer to enjoy. It could make that green beer a little more palatable.