July 4th favorite foods aren’t just hamburgers and hot dogs


What are your favorite foods? For July 4th, the most popular foods that people want aren’t the traditional barbecue favorites.

What are you serving for July 4th? Usually a plethora of favorite foods fills the tables for the annual celebration. Often the summer holiday features hamburgers, hot dogs and a bevy of foods from the grill. But, those foods aren’t often the most popular choices when people are ordering out. What food trends have taken over as a new favorite food for the holiday?

Recently, GrubHub surveyed ordering data from last year. The company’s survey results were a little surprising. Broken down by region, the most popular foods ordered weren’t the traditional barbecue fair.

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Here’s a look at the some of the results.

Midwest is all about the breakfast

GrubHub found that the Midwest fueled up on breakfast foods on the 4th of July. Breakfast orders went up almost 200% on the holiday. From the croissant sandwich to a chocolate chip pancake, Midwesterners made sure that their belly was full for the holiday festivities.

It is also surprising that people were ordering in breakfast. Often on a day off, people will head out to a local pancake house or favorite breakfast spot. Maybe those Midwesterners were manning the grill early in the morning and couldn’t leave. Smoking ribs or a pork butt does take all day long.

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South wants it all

The data compiled from the South shows that there isn’t necessarily a single food trend or category. The South wants delicious food, period. Some of the top orders include NY Strip, Shrimp Po Boy and a Mexican Pizza. I would have thought that the South would have had more fish or bold flavors. I guess the fireworks are meant for the sky, not the plate.

West loves chicken

Who knew that Westerners love chicken? From chicken nachos to ginger chicken, it doesn’t matter the type of cuisine as long as it features chicken. Now, a good fried chicken is a popular choice for the summer holiday, but these favorite chicken meals come from all types of cuisines. Just like America’s melting pot, the West loves all types of chicken meals.

North East is an eclectic food area

Looking at the North East data, their favorite foods are very eclectic. From challah bread French toast to chicken chili, the North Easterners can’t seem to make up their mind. Maybe with all the delicious food options in their region, they want to have it all. It must be good to have a smorgasbord of food options to order from.

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With July 4th right around the corner, what will you be eating or serving for the holiday? In our house, we will be smoking a brisket and ribs. It didn’t make this food trend list, but it is our top favorite food for the holiday.