Hamburgers vs. hot dogs, what’s on your grill?


Hamburgers versus hot dogs. The debate on what to grill for the July 4th holiday is back again. Which food will be on your grill this year?

Hamburgers and hot dogs are classic July 4th foods. These foods are favorites for grilling. But, those favorite foods can cause a heated debate. Which food is most popular in your state?

In a recent survey by Walmart, the retailer set out to determine which food is more popular in each state. Hamburger or hot dog in the ultimate grilling battle. The findings were not what everyone expected.

First, the hamburger was the overall king of the grill. While it is unclear what type of burger reigns supreme, the hamburger is more likely to show up on the grill this summer.
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
Even though the burger is popular, I wonder if people are adamant about burger toppings, doneness levels or even type of burger. Personally, I can’t stand an overcooked burger. There is nothing worse than a burger that has the consistency of a hockey puck.

Also, the topping for a burger are important. The condiments can make or break a good burger. Too many toppings and a bad burger to bun ratio can make a bite turn into a sloppy mess. While burgers might be the top choice, that preference could use a little more clarity.

Since hot dogs were a second choice, I wonder if it is because grilling a hot dog can be quite divisive. Some kids hate a grilled hot dog with its burnt marks. The char on it can add a bitter taste. There isn’t enough relish in the world to hide a burnt flavor.

Also, hot dog condiments can cause a heated argument. Don’t dare offer ketchup to a Chicago native. While that city can pile an entire garden on top of a hot dog, ketchup is banned. Other cities love chili or onions. Don’t even get me started on the whole hot dog versus sandwich debate.

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Still, it appears that more states will be serving up hamburgers versus hot dogs for the upcoming holiday. In our house, we won’t be serving either option. We are smoking a brisket for the holiday. What’s on your menu?