Best summer grilling recipe has just three ingredients


Looking for the best summer grilling recipe? With just three ingredients, this recipe will impress everyone at your next barbecue.

Upgrade your grilling game. The best summer grilling recipe is easier than you think. Forget the complicated spice rubs, marinades and smoking chips. This recipe has just three ingredients. With this recipe, everyone will want you to be the grill master every weekend.

Grilling can stump lots of people. From lighting the grill to the best temperatures, grilling can be intimidating. But, mastering one good grilling recipe can help gain confidence. Time to embrace your inner grilling master.

Of course, most people associate burgers, steak and chicken with popular grilling foods. While that statement is true, it can become expensive experimenting with these foods. No one wants to waste a $25 steak on grilling mistakes. Isn’t it better to master a simple recipe and build your confidence?

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The best, and easiest, grilling recipe to master is simple. It is grilled avocados. This recipe only requires three ingredients. With an avocado, olive oil and lime juice, you are on your way to gaining your grilling confidence. Plus, if you mess up a couple of times, you aren’t wasting a lot of money. Sure, avocados aren’t super cheap, but they are less expensive than a steak.

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To make grilled avocados, the recipe only requires avocados, olive oil and salt. The easiest way to grill avocados starts with halving the avocado and seeding it. Drizzle the avocado with lime juice and then brush it with olive oil. Place the avocado on the grill, cut side down. Cook for three minutes. When done, season the avocado to taste.

A couple of suggestions with this recipe. Make sure that the grill is hot. Also, don’t move the avocados on the grill. Place them and don’t touch them until they are done cooking.

Grilled avocado can work with all types of meals. From steak to burgers to shrimp to chicken, the possibilities are many. Also, the grilled flavor is subtle yet balances the avocado’s luscious flavor. It is definitely a great way to expand the many uses of avocado.

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