Ready to run with Dunkin’, Saucony sneaker collaboration is back


The iconic phrase, Run with Dunkin’ is literal. Dunkin’ and Saucony sneaker collaboration returns just in time for Boston Marathon season.

Need a reason to run with Dunkin’ Saucony sneaker collaboration is back. After a super successful initial partnership, the two brands have come together again. Whether you are a Dunkin’ fan or a running enthusiast, these new running shoes are definitely a fun edition to any fan’s collection.

According to Dunkin’, the new running shoe features many nods to Dunkin’ and its donuts. The design offers, “strawberry-frosted donut medallions, Dunkin’ coffee cups and the word “Boston” emblazoned on a reflective strip – all packaged in a custom shoebox resembling Dunkin’s iconic donut box.”

It is nice to see Dunkin’ carry its new color scheme and branding into this running shoe. The vibrant colors are a delightful match. Plus, this donut box might fuel that long run a little more effectively than a dozen donuts.

While the partnership is fun, the running shoe, specifically, is a great choice for runners. Saucony is a favorite with marathon runners and distance runners. The EVERUN cushioning makes it extremely comfortable.

Dunkin’, Saucony sneaker collaboration, photo provided by Dunkin’

This collaboration shows that brands are looking to expand outside of the traditional fare. Food fans want to express their love of their favorite foods beyond the plate. Whether it is clothing, decorations or experiences, that love of food drives them.

Additionally, brands want to drive loyalty. People who love Dunkin’ don’t want to settle for another coffee brand. Why wouldn’t they want to show how they run on Dunkin’ with their footwear choice? It might be a conversation starter, but it could also be more than those words.

Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara 10 are available exclusively at Additionally, the running shoes are available at selection Marathon Sports and will be John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo April 12 through 14. The adult running shoes retail for $120.

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Are you ready to run with Dunkin’, literally? The Saucony sneaker collaboration is your opportunity to showcase how your running is fueled with Dunkin’.