Frozie: Upgrade your frose and get ready for summer season


Have you seen the frozie and wine in a can? Cupcake Vineyards is upgrading that frose and summer season can’t get here soon enough.

Frozie isn’t a term of endearment for an animated character. The next, big beverage trend will be “the” Instagram-ed beverage at Cochella. Cupcake Vineyards will be showcasing this must have beverage. Who will be lucky enough to get one?

Available at the Cupcake Vineyards Frozie Factory, the beverage will be the first personalized frose drink. Similar to some personalized coffee beverages, the “selfie” will be printed on a whipped foam.

The Coachella specialty beverage will be available in both Rose and Sauvignon Blanc Bellini. This beverage will be filing Instagram feeds throughout Coachella. Who could resist the chance to their face on their cocktail?

Beyond the fun imagery, the Sauvignon Blanc Bellini could be the big winner. While everyone loves a frose, this other wine flavor could be a game changer. Without having tasted it, the flavor should have a bright citrus flavor, which would be perfectly refreshing.

Frozie from Cupcake Vineyards, photo provided by Cupcake Vineywards

While not everyone can get those personalized beverages at Coachella, Cupcake Vineyards has a new option for the summer season. The new Cupcake Vineyards wine in cans is launching in April. This new packaging is perfect for all those outdoor gatherings.

Canned wine is a huge market. Sometimes bringing a whole bottle of wine is not practical. A single serve, can option is perfect for outdoor gatherings, summer festivals and even just a single serve libation at home.

The new Cupcake Vineyards wine in can will be available in Rose and Sauvignon Blanc. The Rose offers crisp, sweet fruit flavors. With notes of watermelon and strawberry, this wine is lovely with a barbecue, salad or just on its own.

The Sauvignon Blanc is citrus forward. With hints of nectarine and lemon, the bright flavors are perfect with flavorful fish or even a little spicy Asian food. Slightly refreshing, this wine is lovely sip.

The Cupcake Vineyards often have flavor profiles that appeal to women’s palates. Jessica Tomei, the brand’s wine maker, has curated wines that are approachable and work in all types of situations. Whether a bottle is enjoyed with a group of friends, a celebratory dinner or just because, these flavors will have Cupcake Vineyards being a staple in the wine fridge.

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From Cupcake Vineyards in cans to the Frozie at Coachella, it is going to be a fabulous season for this wine company. Are you ready to toast to the good life?