Take me out to a ballgame: Best hot dogs and sausages at MLB Stadiums


Ready to head out to a ballgame? These best hot dogs at MLB Stadiums will have baseball fans and foodies excited about baseball season.

From sausages to the best hot dogs at MLB Stadiums, food and sports are becoming a foodie winning combination. While the iconic song might reference peanuts and Cracker Jack, hot dogs and sausages are still exciting fans. Is your appetite prepared for this deliciousness?

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC), “MLB fans this season are expected to consume about 18.3 million hot dogs and nearly four million sausages.” Given all the other new and exciting menu items at MLB stadiums, this number is staggering. It appears that hot dogs and sausages are still iconic baseball food.

Even given this food popularity, the plain hot dog with mustard (please no ketchup) or sausage with kraut can be a little boring for foodies across the nation. While the iconic Chicago dog will never change, baseball fans are looking for bigger, bolder flavor combinations. Luckily MLB Stadiums are delivering on the request.

Hot Dogs and Baseball are a Perfect Pair, photo provided by National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC)

Here are a few of FoodSided’s recommended top choices as the tasty sausages and best hot dogs at MLB stadiums.

Chicago Cubs, “Southwest Fiesta Specialty Hot Dog”

While the classic, iconic Chicago dog is a Wrigley staple, this spicy creation will ward off that Chicago wind. For this tasty treat, a beef frank is topped Southwestern flavor favorites, like chili-lime crema, pico de gallo, tortilla strips. Of course a Chicago style dog must be topped with house-made pickled peppers.

Detroit Tigers: Coney Dog Egg Roll

Who says that a hot dog has to be served on a bun? This delicious idea combines hot dogs and egg rolls into a single bite. The egg roll is stuffed with cut-up hot dogs and chili. The whole item gets a mustard drizzle and is topped with onions. This one definitely needs a fork.

Dodger Sausage, photo provided by Levy

Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodger Sausage

The innovation in this dish comes from the sausage. The al pastor grilled sausage should have a robust flavor. The sausage is topped with pineapple chunks, sale and cilantro-lime crema. It should be the perfect bite of sweet and heat.

Minnesota Twins: Broomstick

Can you handle a two-foot long hot dog? This ginormous item is more than just big. It is smothering with “chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos.” This hot dog definitely requires 5+ napkins. Hopefully, its namesake, Nelson Cruz, doesn’t eat one of these gigantic hot dogs before a game.

Texas Rangers: RWB (Red, White & Blue) Dog

For many people, baseball is America’s game. This patriotic themed hot dog is very colorful. While blue relish is a little curious, (there is no real blue food), it is a colorful meal. Apparently this hot dog is savory and sweet. If someone has tried one, share your experience with FoodSided.

Texas Rangers: Fritos Kimchi Chili Dog

Kimchi continues to be a huge food trend. This particular hot dog has a kimchi topping, which should add a big flavor punch. Most interesting is the combination of Fritos, too. This hot dog has sparked some creativity in FoodSided’s summer grilling recipes.

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Do you have a suggestion for the best hot dogs at MLB stadiums? Maybe there’s a sausage that should be added to the must eat list. Share your thoughts in the comments or tag us in a picture using #FoodSided.