Croiffle is the tastiest reason to visit the GODIVA Café


What is a Croiffle? The GODIVA Café has created the tastiest foodie dream that will have you booking a flight to New York City immediately.

As the GODIVA Café prepares to open its doors, the Croiffle looks to be the new foodie food that will make you salivate and your stomach rumble. While the Croughnut might have memorized pastry fans, GODIVA’s sweet and savory creation will have foodies clamoring for a bite of this deliciousness.

GODIVA created this new menu item by taking its already delicious croissant and making it a little whimsical. Sometimes the traditional gets stale. By even changing a small part of a favorite food can make it exciting. This particular foodie delight does just that.

To create this amazing menu item, GODIVA takes its freshly made croissant and waffles it (i.e. presses it into a waffle maker). The GODIVA Cafe menu item comes in both sweet and savory items. There are a total of six menu options.

Looking at the six different options, the most over the top one isn’t sweet, it is savory. The three cheese option should be ooey, gooey deliciousness. Combining Gruyere, Havarti and Swiss will make each luscious bite more enjoyable.

GODIVA Cafe Croiffles, photo provided by GODIVA

Still, the sweet variety will definitely be a must try. Can anyone really say no to a chocolate filled croissant? With the added benefit of the “waffled” texture, this sweet treat should be a bite to remember.

After some thought, why hasn’t anyone ever thought to waffle a croissant? So many things can be “waffled.” This idea will be quickly copied by foodies everywhere (sorry GODIVA Café ). Just think of the flavor possibilities. Brunch will never be the same.

Other GODIVA Café menu items are equally enticing. The Belgium Waffles are a definite must try. Made with authentic pearl sugar imported from Belgium, the texture is perfection. When the sugar pearls burst, the waffle has a perfectly crispy crust but a delightfully doughy interior. It is waffle brilliance.

Of course, all tasty treats need a decadent beverage to wash it all down. The Chocolixit is GODIVA’s signature beverage. It is a cold, blended frozen drink. From coffee infused cold brew to dark chocolate, this indulgent beverage is worth every single calorie.

The GODIVA Café is set to open Thursday, April 18. It is located at 560 Lexington Avenue in New York City. Additional expansion is expansion is expected through the end of the year. 10 cafes are scheduled for the Northeast with additional plans to expand world wide.

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Are you craving a Croiffle too? This new bite of deliciousness will be filling your Instagram feed and enticing you to give the GODIVA Café.