Burger King launches the Impossible Whopper, yes it is possible


The Impossible Whopper isn’t a Burger King prank. While this announcement comes on April 1, it is possible that the iconic Whopper is going plant based.

Could an Impossible Whopper fool you? Burger King is putting Whopper fans taste buds to the test. The rising popularity of the Impossible Burger has the fast food giant asking, can this Whopper version deliver on the tastiness that fans love?

In the below video, Burger King put some of its loyal fans to the ultimate taste test. Watch as these people react to the Impossible Whopper.

These reactions are entertaining, but more importantly it should send a message to burger fans. Simply, try these plant based meat alternatives. When done well, you might not know that your red meat burger has been swapped out for something else.

Truthfully, the Impossible Burger is quite satisfying. When grilled, the texture is the same as a traditional meat burger. The most important part of any plant based meat alternative is cooking it correctly to ensure the right texture.

Plus, if you put all the traditional toppings of a Whopper on it, a lot of people may not know the difference. The toppings can sometimes be the predominate taste, even with a traditional meat burger.

Now, Burger King and Impossible Burger did choose to release this information on April Fools Day. There is a little tongue and cheek humor in the promotion. Then again, doesn’t that situation just make you want to try it even more?

Right now, the Impossible Whopper is only be rolled out in “59 exclusive BURGER KING restaurants in and around St. Louis.” If you are lucky enough to live in that area, you can try one of these special Whoppers. For everyone else, either book a trip to St. Louis or hope that the test run is successful, which could make this new Whopper possible for all locations.

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Do you think the Impossible WHOPPER is a smart move for Burger King? More importantly, would it cause you to switch your standard order?