Could coffee ground toast replace the avocado toast food trend?


Food trends are popular fodder for foodies. Is coffee grounds toast the newest food trend that could replace the uber popular avocado toast?

Have you heard of coffee grounds toast? Foodies are always looking for the next big food trend. While avocado toast has gone from food trend to breakfast staple, that next food trend is always right around the corner. Are you prepared for these newest proposed hot, possibly trendy, foods?

On April 1, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants shared its Culinary + Cocktail Trend Forecast for 2019. This highly researched list, compiled by interns copiously searching Google, scrolling Instagram and maybe even getting a few chefs input, is quite curious. While FoodSided is quite willing to try almost anything, these timely food trends really do push the culinary boundaries.

According to Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, they predict the following items might be the most earth shattering, game changing culinary trends to take over your social media feed. Are you ready for this list of culinary greatness?

Salt Water cocktails, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants food trend, photo provided by Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

1. Coffee Grounds on Toast: “Spreading raw third wave coffee grounds on toast will be the next millennial obsession.”

2. Keto Pasta: “Noodles made from real butter as a great carb-free alternative.”

3. Edible House Plants: Turn your house into a “Jungalow” where you can eat your way through house and home.

4. Salt Water: This “electrolyte rich, salted water” could be the next eco-trend. Sourced directly from the Pacific Ocean, this beverage appeals to those draught-prone areas.

5. Edible Plates & Cutlery: Food waste is a growing problem. Why wash that silverware and plates when you can consume it. It is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative.

6. Bringing back the spork: Forget the Toy Story 4 character, the spork will replace the traditional fork and spoon cutlery.

7. Succulent Steaks: Looking for more flexitarian options? Forget the cauliflower and mushroom options because succulents are the new alternative for a juicy mouthful.

8. Savory Shaved Ice: Need something refreshing during the warmer weather? Those sweet frozen drinks are so passé. Frozen treats with flavors of Green Goddess and Truffle Salumi will be so more refreshing.

9. Bathtub gin makes a comeback: Don’t throw away that bath water! DYI gin kits, specifically using the bathtub, will become the next home mixologist obsession.

10. Grass infused cocktails: Everyone knows that green is good. Why not source some green goodness directly from that municipal grass. It brings the farm to table movement a little closer to home.

Are you prepared for these food trends? Has your favorite foodie already adopted them? Better yet, have you found the humor in this list? If you haven’t guessed yet, this proposed list is part of an entertaining April Fools offering. Yes, these trends aren’t true, or are they?

Granted this list is quite entertaining and fun, but there is a little bit of truth to some of these “proposed” food trends. Any good joke is really based in a little bit of truth.

Looking at the first item, coffee grounds on toast, might sound strange, but it isn’t too far off. Coffee grounds are used as part of a rub, like on tuna or steak.

Other items on this list are also somewhat feasible. Bio-degradable plates and cutlery are on the rise. Plastic straws have been ditched for either reusable ones or no straw at all. Finding the eco-friendly alternative is a priority for many people.

Even the idea of an edible plants is based in reality. From the window sill herb garden to the backyard planter, more people are wanting to know where and how their food is grown. Additionally succulents can be eaten. Who isn’t to say that this idea won’t show up on a menu soon?

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Like all April Fools jokes, the piece of reality brings the humor. Thanks Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants for bringing a little humor to the sometimes too elevated food conversation.

Now, who’s ready for a salt water cocktail to celebrate?