OREO Game of Thrones cookies are epic and so is the commercial


The highly anticipated OREO Game of Thrones cookies have been unveiled. While you’re waiting to dunk for the throne, check out the epic commercial.

OREO Game of Thrones cookies offer an epic, yet playful, twist on the classic OREO. As fans eagerly await the April 14 season premiere, OREO released all the details on the cookies. Additionally, the featured commercial is a feat of OREO mastery.

According to the brand, the special, limited edition Game of Thrones OREOS offer a specially designed package. Gone is the iconic blue and white packaging. The stark, black package shows the iconic OREO sitting within the Iron Throne.

But, once you open a package of these special, limited edition cookies, the cookies inside are different from the traditional OREO. The cookies feature “four unique embossments spotlighting the Great Houses still battling for the Iron Throne and the enemy White Walkers beyond the wall.”

OREO Game of Thrones cookies, individual cookies, photo provided by OREO

Given this description, it will be curious to see if one particular embossed cookie is more common than other embossments. Maybe that pattern could reveal a clue about the upcoming season. Then again, it could be just be a coincidence.

This change to the iconic OREO cookie is unique for the brand. While the cream center has had all types of changes and flavors, the iconic OREO lettering has stayed the same. By “unbranding” itself, OREO is part of the Game of Thrones phenomena that has taken over pop culture. Like MTN DEW’s A Can With No Name, another brand is willing to forgo their identity for the throne.

The common theme with many of the GOT partnerships, brands are asking fans, what would they do for the throne. Specifically, OREO wants to know where your loyalty lies, with House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark or The Night King.

OREO Game of Thrones cookies hand dunking, photo provided by OREO

If you want to voice your opinion, use the hashtags, #GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone, for a chance to win a prize. Personally, my loyalty lies with OREOs dunked in milk, regardless of who wins the throne.

To build anticipation about these OREOs and the final season, this epic commercial is a stroke of genius. “15-second version of the OREO GoT opening sequence video will air this Saturday 4/6 during the March Madness Final Four games.” To create this commercial, 2,750 OREOs were used.

Take a look.

The amount of detail is exquisite. While OREO has capitalized on its playful side as seen earlier this year with the Wiz Khalifa commercial, this commercial takes playing with OREOs to a whole new level. Could you build this type of GOT inspired OREO structure?

Starting on April 8, the limited edition OREO Game of Thrones cookies will hit store shelves. They will be available while supplies last. In other words, stalk the store shelves because they will be gone in a hurry.

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If you are lucky enough to score a package, will you eat them? Maybe that is the true question where your loyalty lies for the throne.