Subway’s first Inspired by Tastemade sandwich is a superb twist on a classic


Inspired by Tastemade is the Subway restaurants and Tastemade collaboration. The first menu item offers a modern twist on a sandwich classic.

Innovative sandwiches are coming to Subway. Inspired by Tastemade offers a new sandwich that was made in partnership with Tastemade. The idea is to incorporate flavors and trends that consumers want. This first sandwich offering is definitely bold twist on a sandwich classic.

For the launch of this program, Subway announces that the first sandwich will be Green Goddess Tuna Melt. While tuna melts might have been around forever, the flavor combinations in this sandwich make it far from plain jane.

According to Subway, the Green Goddess Tuna Melt will feature a hot “freshly baked 9-grain bread, topped with shredded mozzarella, spinach, fresh tomatoes, onions and Green Goddess dressing.” The combination of flavors and textures sounds quite appealing.

Based on these ingredients, this tuna melt isn’t the version from the school cafeteria. While the tuna melt is a popular Subway menu choice, this innovation is intriguing. Combining the spinach and tomatoes, there are plenty of flavors to complement the Green Goddess dressing. Overall, that dressing should be a nice contrast to the tuna.

Most notably, Subway is the first national quick-service restaurant to use Green Goddess dressing. Given the popularity of this dressing and/or dip, that fact seems quite surprising.

Green Goddess dressing has several variations but generally has mayonnaise, tarragon, chives, parsley and other ingredients. Today, some newer recipes even include avocado. Its name comes from the green color.

This first Inspired by Tastemade sandwich comes after the brands announced their partnership last year. The partnership strives to push the flavor envelope and continue to innovative in the quick-service restaurant space.

One of the goals of this partnership is to offer locally relevant menu items. While this limited edition Green Goddess Tuna Melt is available at 3,000 restaurants, it will be interesting to see how the locally relevant menu aspect continues to expand. Foods and flavors do have regional aspects. If Subway can capture that idea, it would set itself apart from other quick-service restaurants.

Recently, Subway has looked to expand its menu options. From the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread to the trending flavors Signature wraps, Subway doesn’t want to stay stagnant. Each new offering keeps the brand relevant and fresh.

Consumers are extremely savvy. The food world isn’t limited to the small area right around a person’s home. Global flavors and cuisines influence even the traditional, old-school recipes. Being able to adapt receives to current trends keeps customers coming back time and again. The spin on a favorite doesn’t alienate consumers; rather it excites them.

The Inspired by Tastemade Green Goddess Tuna Melt will be available through April 24. Given the partnership between Subway and Tastemade, future new menu items are to be expected.

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Would you try the new Green Goddess Tuna Melt? What sandwich would you like to see added to the Subway menu?