Tasty tomato recipes that are perfect for National Tomato Day


Did you know that National Tomato Day is April 6? To celebrate this food holiday, these tasty tomato recipes are a perfect way to enjoy a tomato.

National Tomato Day is April 6. While the April date is a little unusual for the traditionally summer produce, that food holiday isn’t as controversial as the often divisive fruit or vegetable debate. Still, these tasty tomato recipes will surly have you enjoying a tomato.

Before tempting your taste buds with recipes, the tomato debate has never clearly been settled. Some people consider a tomato a fruit while others say it is a vegetable. Even though the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a tomato is a vegetable in Nix v. Hedden the debate rages on.

Most chefs consider tomatoes as a vegetable. The lower sugar content has them listed as a vegetable with the USDA.

But, a tomato has seeds. Botanically seeds make a food a fruit. Even the dictionary agrees with that fruit statement.

Putting aside the food’s label, a tasty tomato recipe is delicious regardless of the label of a fruit or a vegetable. While April may not be the best season for tomatoes, a really good canned tomato can be a wonderful substitute.

Shrimp and Avocado Toast with Mutti Cherry Tomato Salsa, photo provided by Mutti

For example, Mutti® Tomatoes, Italy’s #1 tomato brand, is a great canned tomato option. With various varieties, there is a canned tomato that would work in almost any tomato recipe.

Mutti partnered with Chef Mark Strausman of Freds at Barneys for some amazing recipes. If you are looking to celebrate National Tomato Day, here are a few recommended recipes for the occasion.

Shrimp and Avocado Toast with Mutti Cherry Tomato Salsa: While the avocado toast trend has taken over menus, this version has a little zip from the salsa. With the sweetness from the shrimp, the composed bite is a delightful combination.

Mutti Zuppa al Pomodoro Fresca, photo provided by Mutti

Mutti Zuppa al Pomodoro Fresca: Italian favorite are popular tomato recipe options, but this Spanish influenced recipe is divine. The fragrant soup is filled with all types of vegetables. Make sure to serve this dish with some crusty bread for dipping.

Spaghetti with Vegetable Bolognese: Of course, a classic spaghetti is always a popular choice to highlight delicious tomatoes. This vegetable forward one will ensure that you have eaten all your veggies for the day.

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Will you be celebrating National Tomato Day? Do you have a tasty tomato recipe that you would like to share?