Panera breakfast wraps are a better breakfast on the go


The new Panera breakfast wraps could make your morning a little brighter. Are you ready to jump start the day with a bite of goodness?

A better breakfast is more than a just phrase at Panera. The new Panera breakfast wraps look to excite consumers with bold flavors and good nutritional options. Could these breakfast options offer a break from your normal routine?

The three new breakfast wraps on the Panera menu are Chipotle Chicken, Egg and Avocado, Mediterranean Egg Whites, and Maple Glazed Bacon, Egg and Cheese. While the third breakfast wrap tends to be more traditional, the smoked Gouda cheese in it is a little different. Still, all three options offer a different approach to breakfast.

Overall, all three breakfast wraps are protein rich yet have very different flavor combinations. The Chipotle Chicken option is probably the most unique. Sometimes chicken isn’t a traditional breakfast food. As people look to boost their morning protein, chicken and eggs are becoming a more common occurrence.

This breakfast option really brings the bold flavors to the breakfast table. The combination of Peppadew peppers and chipotle aioli adds some zing, without overwhelming the taste buds early in the morning. Overall, this breakfast would definitely be a filling option to start the day.

New Panera menu items, breakfast wraps and cold brew, photo provided by Panera

Since coffee is a requirement for many people’s morning routine, Panera has looked to up its coffee game. Cold brew coffee has found a permanent spot on many coffee menus and Panera is joining the trend.

Panera’s new cold brew options include Original, Madagascar Vanilla Cream and Madagascar Vanilla Almond. It is interesting that Panera is including the almond option. Almond milk and other alternative milks are finding their spot on all menus. The options are part of a change in food culture and demands of consumers.

Since all-day breakfast menus are extremely popular, it is a little curious that these new breakfast wraps will be available only in the morning. The new breakfast wraps will be available only until 10:30 a.m. It would be nice to see Panera expand the offering beyond the morning hours. The Chipotle Chicken version could be well received all day long.

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Are you excited to try the new Panera breakfast wraps? Which version could be your favorite?